Case Study
PURE Jingles
(The Netherlands)

PURE Jingles started in 2007 in the Netherlands as a subsidiary of VHU Europe, focusing only on jingle production and station imaging for radio stations in Europe. They produced many pieces of art for radio stations like NRJ, BBC Radio 1, 3FM, Studio Brussel, FunX, KTU, RTL2 and many more around the world.

The Challenge

Media production companies face a constantly changing environment in the IoT era, with evolving platforms and devices. PURE Jingles work with top radios around Europe, so any data leak would be disastrous, causing loss of competitive advantage and reputation damage.

For them the challenge was to protect certain sensitive media files and projects and prevent them from being leaked by being transferred or uploaded on the internet. They want their employees to access the Internet and the freedom that comes with it, but they don’t want them to be able to upload certain projects and files.

The Solution

PURE Jingles were pleased with the Device Control, the first layer of protection, but wanted to take it to the next level of security, so they upgraded to Content Aware Protection.

The Content Aware Protection feature prevents data leakage through file uploads to the cloud with different content filters offering them detailed control over sensitive data leaving the company’s network. The company created several groups, with their own restrictions and privileges, so that some employees can send files to customers.

The granularity of the product was essential for PURE Jingles so they can easily assign permissions based on their organizational structure and avoid unnecessary restrictions that could affect productivity.

“We decided to take the basic software we used so far to the next level of security with Endpoint Protector, because it best suits our needs. The experience with the vendor has been very good and the Support Team is very helpful and fast,” said Melvin Sleeking, AV-Specialist at PURE Jingles.

Endpoint Protector rating on a scale from 1 to 5 (one being “poor” and five being “excellent”), was 4 in average, with the highest points offered for the availability of staff when calling or asking for assistance, features, granularity, ease of installation and use, support and updates.

The company was very pleased with the support team, because of its speed and efficiency in solving their problems.

Why Endpoint Protector?
  • Monitor data and file transfers
  • Additional layer for data security
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
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