Case Study
Innovaccer Inc.

Innovaccer Inc. provides a leading healthcare data activation platform, focusing on delivering more efficient and effective healthcare through the use of pioneering analytics and transparent, clean, and accurate data. Innovaccer's aim is to simplify complex data from all points of care, streamline the information and help organizations make powerful decisions and realize strategic goals based on key insights and predictions from their data.

The Challenge

Innovaccer Inc. was searching for a DLP solution to gain visibility into the daily file exchanges within the organization. They wanted a tool that offers advanced control over data and helps with malicious and suspicious activities, especially while they work out of the office.

The DLP solution they needed would provide cross-platform capabilities and protect sensitive data on Windows and Linux-based computers.

The ideal product for Innovaccer Inc. is easy-to-use and comes with a user-friendly interface.

The Solution

Innovaccer is using Endpoint Protector's Device Control, Content Aware Protection, and eDiscovery modules.

The Device Control module helps to prevent data leaks by monitoring and controlling USB and peripheral ports. With the Content Aware Protection module, Innovaccer Inc. scans and protects data in motion with content inspection and contextual scanning of data. This module prevents data leakage and data loss through various exit points, including web browsers, email clients, and applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Skype, or Dropbox. The eDiscovery module scans data stored on endpoints, identifying confidential information, and allowing Administrators to take remediation actions.

"Since we have been working out of the office for more than a year now, the logs and telemetry solely from the VPN and master switch are not enough to swiftly introspect all malicious and suspicious activity across the organization. Now we feel we have better control over our infrastructure from a data security standpoint," - Aneesh Sharma said. For Innovaccer, the most valuable Endpoint Protector features are content-aware scanning, offline temporary passwords, and granular clipboard customizations. "Since we've pushed a mandate to install Endpoint Protector on every employee's device, we are confident that our newly gained visibility will help us in incident response, data forensics, as well as proactive data protection in the future." - Sharma added.

For Innovaccer Inc., it was advantageous that Endpoint Protector offers cross-platform protection. The company chose our solution because, besides Windows, it can efficiently safeguard sensitive data on Linux-based operating systems. The easy deployment of the product and its user-friendliness are also among its strengths, according to the company.

Innovaccer Inc. rated Endpoint Protector's features, granularity, ease of installation, ease of use, staff availability when calling or asking for assistance, support, and updates as very good.

Why Endpoint Protector?

Innovaccer Inc. has chosen Endpoint Protector because of its granularity, cross-platform capabilities, which include support for Linux-based operating systems, and because the solution was user-friendly and easy to deploy.

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