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The Road to GDPR Compliance

For many organizations, GDPR is a scary acronym. The day when the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect is fast approaching and many of them are far from being compliant. In May 2018, the new GDPR will be applicable to all organizations and companies that control or process personal data related to a resident of the European Union. This whitepaper’s purpose is to help take some of the pressure for organizations, by offering guidelines on operational tactics for the preparation for GDPR.

How to setup a Data Loss Prevention solution in less than 30 days

There is a myth related to Data Loss Prevention that says it is really complex and difficult to implement. It goes to say that in the end, the DLP solution is left out of the IT security strategy, or in the best case scenario, it is considered a low priority.
Endpoint Protector Data Loss Prevention proves the contrary, with an out-of-the-box, cross-platform solution that can be up and running in less than 30 days.

Protect Data Residing on Employees’ Smartphones and Tablets

The BYOD trend has brought important changes for businesses in what concerns IT infrastructure, which has further led to data security becoming the top priority.

Data Loss Prevention Best Practices

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a complex technology, the type that needs fine-tuning and smart policy building. Starting with the understanding of Data Loss Prevention, to selecting the vendor and managing the solution, there are some key aspects to take into consideration.

Identifying and Preventing the Top Data and Network Security Threats of 2011

In order to ensure a secure environment in the business and personal world, the first step is to properly identify the biggest, most common and most damaging threats and learn what can be done to prevent them.