Data Loss Prevention for Media

Navigate the complex and diversified landscape of the industry while protecting intellectual property (IP).

Precise and extremely
granular control
Control over what files can leave the network
Full reporting for monitoring and audits

The media industry is a complex and diversified landscape, combining various technologies, intended to reach a wide audience. Whether it is print (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.), film (production, editing, dubbing, etc.), television, advertising (marketing agencies, etc.), the Internet (digital media, etc.), etc., their content has to be protected against leakage before the official publication time. If we add mobile phones and gaming (as per the recent definitions), we start to see the vast amount of confidential information that has to be protected.

A Data Loss Prevention solution can ensure confidential information is secured, compliance requirements are met, but most importantly, employees’ productivity is not effected. Make sure your brand image is not tainted, while the project or story you are working on does not reach the public sooner than intended.

Regardless if it is a script for a bestseller, an article that will break the press, the money shot for a box-office movie, a brand new television series, a global marketing campaign, a brand new game that has been in development for years, the consequences of a data loss or data leak are extremely high.

Although the vast amount of money lost due to data leaks or a data theft is huge, there are also other negative consequences. Data security is not limited only to the above-mentioned examples but also includes data such as employees’ and customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Therefore, issues regarding compliance should also be considered.


In today's organizations, data is saved in different locations, on different workstations (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and a large mobile device fleet (Android and iOS) connects to the internal network. A solution that covers various aspects of Data Loss Prevention and extends to Mobile Device Management helps to safeguard data and to prevent data breaches.

Data Loss Prevention can make the difference between a successful media company and an unsuccessful one, by helping to protect against leakage of the creative elements representing the pillar of the organization. When a movie leaks before it reaches the cinema, or when an advertising agency fails to protect a commercial idea and structure before it is implemented, the prejudice can reach millions of dollars.

Case study

Mafilm Audio protect their most valuable information with an Endpoint Protector Hardware Appliance

MAFILM AUDIO Kft. is the premier dubbing studio in Hungary. Annually, the studio is dubbing in Hungarian more than 100 feature films. The professional quality of their work is demonstrated also by the fact that the worldwide biggest studios (Universal-Paramount, DreamWorks, Sony-Pictures, Warner, 20th Century Fox and other independent studios) make their Hungarian synchronization at Mafilm Audio.

The Challenge

Protect digital studio data (movies) against data leakage and theft from Macs on portable storage devices.

The Solution

Although the problem was obvious, the solution was hard to find because of Mafilm's Macintosh environment. The decision to deploy Endpoint Protector 4 was easy to make since it accomplishes all their requirements: easy and fast implementation, control at any time of who, when and what is done in the network and control of file transfers from Macs to portable storage devices.

Besides these data loss prevention capabilities, CoSoSys was able to offer to Mafilm Audio a customized version of Endpoint Protector 4 as some of their Macs are equipped with Motorola CPUs and Endpoint Protector 4 is primarily compatible with Intel CPUs.

Endpoint Protector 4 Hardware Appliance gives them flexibility since it provides a balance between security and work efficiency. The deployment was fast and thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly interface, the IT administrators didn´t have any problems working with it. Endpoint Protector’s availability in the Hungarian language was also a strong advantage.

Why Endpoint Protector?

  • Offers protection in a Mac environment
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Interface available in the Hungarian language
  • Customized delivery, as it was developed for old Macs with Motorola CPU

I am calmer since we’ve been using CoSoSys’ DLP solution. It’s good to know that it’s not even theoretically possible for someone to steal original or synchronized movies with the help of USB sticks or DVDs from our studio.

Executive Director
Mafilm Audio