Case Studies

Succesful DLP stories from different industries like healthcare, finance, hotel industry & environmental services. 


AON protects a wide range of confidential data, improving security and compliance with Endpoint Protector.

Aspire Pharmaceuticals

Aspire Pharmaceuticals meets all their criteria of monitoring employees’ activity and related data transfers.


Aspect, an award-winning Creative Advertising agency, controls macOS devices and monitors data movement around the company


Netcore is a global Marketing Technology Company that offers enterprise communication and digital marketing solutions

Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics, advanced analytics and AI consulting services provider, controls data transfers with Content-Aware DLP from Endpoint Protector

Patient First

Patient First is a chain of urgent care centers with the mission of making access to quality medical care

Veolia Water

The HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization Veolia Water secures the use of portable storage devices with Endpoint Protector solutions.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Award-winning hotel secures critical data with Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys.


Multi-award winning IT software group secures Intellectual Property with Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys.

Artı Uç

Leading consulting company for Electrical Design protects sensitive data with My Endpoint Protector

F. Iniciativas

Leading consulting company for R&D financing prevents data breaches with Endpoint Protector DLP.

JJB Sports

Large sports retailer uses Endpoint Protector to proactively manage data loss and theft risks.

ABB Logistics Center Europe

ABB Logistics Center Europe secures its USB Ports with CoSoSys Software.

Mafilm Audio

Mafilm Audio protect their most valuable information with an Endpoint Protector Hardware Appliance.

Spectrum of Hope

Spectrum of Hope protects patients and improves security and compliance with CoSoSys’ Endpoint Protector.

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Freiburg University benefits from proactive protection against portable storage devices.

Vitacom Electronics

Leading Romanian distributor of electronics effectively prevents breaches and outbreaks caused by portable storage devices.

Zeppelin Airship Technology

Zeppelin Airship Technology secures portable devices and ports with the Endpoint Protector Hardware Appliance.


Leading electronic payments provider proactively manages risks posed by portable storage devices.

Caudex Services Ltd

Caudex Services chose to include Endpoint Protector into their product portfolio.

Day Zero Security Ltd

Day Zero Security picked Endpoint Protector to be their DLP and MDM recommendation for SMBs and Enterprises.

Stünings Medien

Publishing and Printing company implements Data Loss Prevention, safeguarding copyright–protected content.

PURE Jingles

PURE Jingles, broadcasting and media production company, controls data transfers with Content-Aware DLP from Endpoint Protector

Zelltek S.A

Zelltek SA, biosimilars production and commercialization company controls data leakage with Endpoint Protector.

Erich Utsch AG

The Erich Utsch AG in Siegen has been one of the world's leading companies in the field of number plates for decades. Industry - Metal Processing.

JFE Engineering

JFE Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. is using Endpoint Protector to secure confidential data and to closely monitor employee activity related to data transfers.

Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS is using Endpoint Protector to efficiently control and block different devices that can connect through peripheral ports, such as USB drives, printers, mobile phones, keyboards, and more.

Liebherr Iberica

The subsidiary of the Liebherr Group is using Endpoint Protector to manage insider threats and reach the compliance requirements of data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

Honda Lock

Honda Lock Mexico is using Endpoint Protector to monitor, control, and block USB and peripheral ports, specifically mobile devices that can connect to the computers via Bluetooth.


One of the world’s leading contact lens companies is using Endpoint Protector to control how sensitive data is shared across its network and to ensure it complies with data privacy regulations.

Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd.

One of the largest affordable housing finance companies in India is using Endpoint Protector to safeguard sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) and to comply with RBI guidelines.

Samsung R&D Institute

A multinational company is using Endpoint Protector to control PC peripherals and data transfers in a multi-OS environment.

FTI Consulting

The global business advisory firm is using Endpoint Protector to safeguard data when employees work remotely and to comply with standards like ISO27001 and ISO27017.

Innovaccer Inc.

Provider of a leading healthcare data activation platform, Innovvaccer Inc. uses Endpoint Protector to gain visibility and control over file transfers and ensure data security while working remotely.

Haßberg Kliniken

As a network of general hospitals, the Haßberg Clinics use Endpoint Protector to secure a wide range of confidential data, like Patient Care Data, Personal Health Information (PHI), and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Diakonie Herzogsägmühle gGmbH

Endpoint Protector helps Diakonie Herzogsägmühle gGmbH mitigate insider threats and efficiently control removable devices while offering good usability for the admins and users.

Customer Communications Group

A full-service marketing agency, Customer Communications Group, manages insider threats and meets data compliance requirements with Endpoint Protector.

Gulf Insurance Group

Being one of the largest and most diversified insurance networks in the Middle East and North Africa, Gulf Insurance Group uses Endpoint Protector to prevent data leaks and meet the compliance requirements of different regulations.

STEINEL Normalien AG

STEINEL, a manufacturer of fabricated metal and hardware products, uses Endpoint Protector to ensure data security on multiple operating systems, including Linux.