USB Blocker

Lockdown your USB ports with a powerful security tool and prevent data leaks

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Enhanced USB security

Ensure the security of your sensitive data with our USB blocking software. Prevent confidential information from being copied to unauthorized removable storage devices and minimize the risk of data loss and data leaks. Get protection against the spread of USB malware and potential data breaches with an effective USB port lock software.

Enforce USB blocking policies easily and prevent any malicious activity that might otherwise take place around your USB ports.

Cross-platform protection

Block USB and peripheral ports from a simple web-based interface. Set policies with ease for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.

Variety of removable devices

Restrict unwanted users from using unauthorized devices, such as USB flash drives, hard drives, pen drives, and more.

Limit data transfers

Block the USB ports and limit data transfer via USB by choosing an easy to use and effective USB lock.

Real-time data protection with an advanced DLP solution

The components of our DLP solution can be used separately or all together to defend your data against loss, theft, and leaks.

Content Aware Protection

Make sure sensitive data does not leave your network whether copied on devices, to clipboard or through applications, online services and even as screen captures.

Device Control

Manage use of USB and other portable storage devices and enforce strong security policies to protect your vital data and your network's health.

Enforced Encryption for removable storage

Keep sensitive data encrypted while on the move and access it everywhere you go on any Windows, macOS and Linux computers.


Discover, encrypt and delete sensitive data. Detailed content and context inspection through manual or automatic scans.

USB Blocker Highlights

File tracing

Record all file transfer attempts to various USB storage devices and get a clear view of users' actions.

Granular rights

Configure your list based on device type, specific devices, Vendor ID, or Product ID. Block and unblock USB ports easily and efficiently. Restrict the use of personal USB devices with our USB port blocker.

Outside hours and outside network

Define fallback policies that apply when outside working hours or outside the network.

Customized access rights

Define policies per user or computer, group, and more, all from a centralized dashboard. Prevent data leaks by restricting USB drives, external devices, and ports on your computer.

E-mail alerts

Get real-time e-mail alerts for various actions related to removable device usage on company computers.

Reports and analysis

Monitor all activity related to device use with a powerful reporting and analysis tool. Externalize logs and reports to ensure a seamless experience across security products.


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