Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys, Leading DLP vendor

More then a decade in the DLP landscape. Mission, Values, and Achievements that show you who we are.


At CoSoSys we put our customers back in control of their most sensitive data, enabling them to grow without fear of data loss.


Our vision is to close the visibility gap between security systems, and help our customers to build a global view of risk around their sensitive data. In doing this, our customers can better understand where risk exists, and coordinate a dynamic response even before an exfiltration attempt occurs.

How we Continue to Grow

CoSoSys was founded in 2004. Since then, our team and solutions have grown every year. As mentioned, we now proudly protect over 11 million users worldwide. This continuous growth is due to closely listening to our users’ feedback and our dedication to innovation. As data security threats continue to evolve, so do we and our solutions.

Our success is also attributable to our focus on the human component. We strive to make powerful and effective products that can be deployed in hours, simple enough for any IT Administrator to use, all from one centralized web interface. We also think about the end users’ experience, ensuring that our solutions work smoothly and do not disrupt their day-to-day tasks or compromise productivity.

As a result, we have enjoyed impressive growth and won numerous, well-known awards. This includes being named a winner of the Deloitte Technology 50 fastest-growing companies and recognized for our Endpoint Protector Solutions in the February 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention.

CoSoSys Values

These are the values that we hold ourselves accountable to. It is what we expect of our colleagues, and what they should expect of us.

Integrity matters

Our business is built on trust between colleagues, and with our customers. So always work with integrity and respect for each other.

Disrupt yourself

Challenge the way you do things. Disrupt your own world with new ideas every day. You have the ability to make things happen, so take the initiative. If something doesn’t exist, build it.

Today is always better than tomorrow

Tomorrow, the opportunity could be gone. We make informed decisions and act with pace to make things happen.

Share success & Inspire others

We all pull in the same direction. That means we share each other's success, we work to inspire those around us, and we always help our colleagues to recover from a loss.

Challenge beliefs

Your ideas are valuable. Be bold, speak up and respectfully challenge beliefs. Sharing new ideas is how we continuously improve a business.

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