Endpoint Protector
Data Loss Prevention for Mac

The most advanced DLP solution for Mac and cross-platform environments

Zero-day support
KEXTless agentNew
Seamless cross-platform integration

Equip your Mac computers with the best DLP software

Address the top data security threats on your macOS devices with top-notch tools like Device Control, Content-Aware Protection, eDiscovery or Enforced Encryption. Beside powerful features, Endpoint Protector is the only Mac-first DLP software on the market that features zero-day support and a KEXTless agent.

Seamless cross-platform integration

Enjoy the same rich features and granularity you get on macOS on multi-OS environments without experiencing limitations and compatibility issues across different platforms such as Windows or Linux.

Compliant with industry regulations

Endpoint Protector helps you ensure compliance with multiple data protection regulatory frameworks like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.

Reliable, lightweight agent

Keep full productivity and ensure the security of your data with minimal impact on the performance of your Mac computers and networks and without worrying about compatibility issues.

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The only Mac-first DLP solution

KEXTless agent and Apple-notarized kernel extensionsNew
Under Apple’s new Endpoint Security Framework, Mac DLP agents with kernel extensions will not be supported starting with macOS 10.16 which is expected to launch in September 2020. Endpoint Protector is the first DLP solution on the market to feature a KEXTless agent and get full support for future macOS versions. More than that, all the other macOS Client versions of Endpoint Protector are notarized under Apple’s notarization requirements.
Zero-Day support
Whenever you upgrade to the latest macOS version, you get instant support for new Endpoint Protector features, without any delays or impact on critical workflows.

Protect high-value data from persistent security threats and challenges

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Endpoint Protector uses advanced technologies such as N-gram-based text categorization to accurately discover IP, such as source code, within hundreds of file formats and then monitor and control any transfers.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Protection

Discover and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored on employee endpoints with our data discovery module. Monitor data and prevent data exfiltration with an all-in-one Data Loss Prevention tool.

Insider Threat Protection

Stop data leakage by applying appropriate cybersecurity controls at the endpoint- from logging potential insider threats to real-time blocking. Discover users that fail to follow data security best practices and situations that can lead to a policy violation.

Compliance and Regulations

Endpoint Protector can help organizations ensure data privacy and achieve regulatory compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, SOX, and others, avoiding fines and other damages imposed by regulatory entities.

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Here's what our customers say about Endpoint Protector

“We have tried many security products, but Endpoint Protector is the best of the breed of data loss prevention (DLP) that easily integrates into Apple, Mac and mixed multi-OS environments.”
Brian Bloom,
“We found Endpoint Protector better than other DLP Solutions, especially on File Tracing - Content Aware Protection features, as well as end-users’ Activity Details and Control”
Prialaksana Januaresza,
Assistant VP & IT Head
Spectrum of Hope
“Endpoint Protector adds a strong layer of data security. In addition, CoSoSys customer service is excellent.”
Josh McCown,
IT Director
“Our company was set up within hours and the support and service offered by CoSoSys are excellent.”
Jay Patel,
Account Manager

Multiple deployment options


Virtual appliance

Available in VMX, PVA, OVF, OVA, XVA and VHD formats, being compatible with the most popular virtualization tools.

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Cloud services

Available for deployment in the following cloud services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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Reduce deployment complexity & cost. Focus more resources on identifying and mitigating risks to your sensitive data and less on maintaining the infrastructure.

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Explore Endpoint Protector product features

Device Control

USB & Peripheral port control

Lockdown, monitor and manage devices. Granular control based on vendor ID, product ID, serial number and more.

Content-Aware Protection

Scanning data in motion

Monitor, control and block file transfers. Detailed control through both content and context inspection.

Enforced Encryption

Automatic USB encryption

Encrypt, manage and secure USB storage devices by safeguarding data in transit. Password-based, easy to use and very efficient.


Scanning data at rest

Discover, encrypt and delete sensitive data. Detailed content and context inspection through manual or automatic scans.