Data Loss Prevention for Mac OS X

Make sure sensitive information stays on your Macs. Control and monitor file transfers and device use.

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The most advanced DLP for Mac OS X
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The days when businesses used to work solely with Windows computers are long over. Companies are now incorporating the entire lineup of Macs into the enterprise network and along with these, they are also exposing to data security risks. Macs need to be secured with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions just like Windows PCs already are. To stop data losses, data leaks and data theft on Macs, Endpoint Protector with DLP support for Mac is the solution you are looking for.

If you need a solution for PCI or other compliance requirements to protect personally identifiable information (PII), such as Credit Card Numbers (CCNs) or Social Security Numbers (SSN), it is vital to secure your Mac OS X endpoints with a DLP solution. 

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, the fact is today data breaches can occur and can bring serious prejudices, which is why you need to be prepared to leave them in an uncontrolled, unsupervised and unprotected environment. Accidental data losses or intentional data theft or leaks are just as likely to happen on a Mac as they are on a Windows computer.

How DLP for Mac OS X Works

Create sensitive content policy for Macs
Scan all data transfers for confidential data
Stop unauthorized data transfers
Actions are reported or included in e-mail alerts

Main Benefits

The same protection for Macs as for Windows computers

In mixed environments, all computers have to be protected against data loss, eliminating potential threats driven by inconsistent policies throughout the network.

Protection against insider threats

Regardless if you face malicious employees or unintentional activity, Data Loss Prevention detects suspicious data transfers from Macs or impedes data breaches through detailed content inspection.

Control of confidential data flow

Endpoint Protector DLP for Mac helps you track who is transferring sensitive data, through what channels and when. This is possible with content filters based on keywords, predefined content (Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers, etc) and file type. Exit points like portable storage devices, web browsers, e-mail clients, etc. are monitored for file transfers and Copy/Paste actions. 

Detailed reports and graphics

The Reports & Analysis section, as well as the dashboard, provide extensive details regarding sensitive data transfers. They can be used to optimize data transfer restrictions, generate reports for executives or as proof in court in case of a data breach.