Data Loss Prevention for Finance

Protect financial records and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and stay secure and compliant.

Compliance with PCI DSS and other regulations
Protection for financial and other sensitive data
Trusted by global insurance, banking institutions & credit unions

Financial services organizations include a broad range of companies that manage financial assets and the consequential financial records. They include Banks, Credit Card Companies, Insurance Companies, Credit Unions, Investment Funds, Stock Brokerages, Accounting Companies, Consumer Finance Companies, Real Estate Funds, Government related enterprises and others.

With such a wide range of services, financial institutions handle a large volume of confidential data. Among the PII used on a daily basis, we can find full names, date of birth, home address, e-mail address, credit card numbers, vehicle registration plate numbers, driver's license numbers, social security numbers, etc. On top of this, based on each institution's financial activity, healthcare information can also be on record as well as various other pieces of data.

A major threat facing financial institutions is a breach of their confidential data. A Data Loss Prevention solution that provides Device Control, Content Aware Protection and eDiscovery helps keep data safe and prevents sensitive company data from leaving the secure network. Besides providing compliance with various rules and regulations, it will not disrupt productivity but will ensure a layer of protection required to prevent data loss, data theft, and data leaks.

Data breaches suffered by banks and other financial institutions are constantly making the news due to their high visibility and huge financial ramifications. Even before experiencing any data loss, such institutions may be facing costs due to compliance issues.

Although there are several rules and regulations that apply to financial institutions, the most commonly known ones are:

  • Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
  • Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act (HIPAA)

PCI-DSS is one of the most restrictive regulation applied to financial organizations. Endpoint Protector Data Loss Prevention provides predefined PCI policies that audits and blocks the transfer of documents containing Credit Card Numbers (CCNs), expiration date, name, and other associated data.

Data Loss Prevention from Endpoint Protector helps you avoid costs with additional servers, trainings, etc., due to the appliance format, as well as buying features that will never be used. Implement a best-of-breed DLP solution that provides exactly what you need.

Case study

AON protects a wide range of confidential data, improving security and compliance with Endpoint Protector 4 by CoSoSys

AON Indonesia was established in 1992 and is one of the preeminent & largest risk consultant, insurance, and reinsurance brokers in the country. Being part of a company with an employee base of 66,000 people working in more than 120 countries, AON Indonesia offers data-driven risk evaluation, fact-based risk advice, intelligent design and execution of insurance and risk management programs.

The Challenge

Secure a wide range of highly confidential data from leakage and loss, by controlling any kind of transfer method.

The Solution

AON Indonesia tested other solutions but decided that the Endpoint Protector 4 solution from CoSoSys met its needs better than other DLP solution. Endpoint Protector 4 offers both security and operational efficiencies. "We especially liked the File Tracing and Content Aware Protection functionality. Also, the end-users’ Activity Details and Control made the solution meet and exceed our expectations," says Prialaksana Januaresza. “It gave us the tools needed to change the behavior of our users, from a free and unlimited access to a controlled one.“
Endpoint Protector does not only provide features that exceed Januaresza’s expectations but does so at competitive prices".

Endpoint Protector 4 includes Content Aware Protection and was implemented as a Hardware Appliance, protecting a network of Windows 7 computers. It is used to provide granular advanced control over which data can go out of the organization through various devices and online applications – without interfering with user productivity.

The deployment was fast and intuitive with Endpoint Protector 4 user-friendly interface. “The response of Local Support within the same regional time zone is very fast, including site visit and remote support –through the local distributor –Halodata, Indonesia,” says Januaresza.

Why Endpoint Protector?

  • Monitors data and file transfers (E-Mail, USB, Skype, Outlook, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Prevents Data Loss
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Fast, Localized Support

We found Endpoint Protector 4 better than other DLP Solutions, especially on File Tracing - Content Aware Protection features, as well as end-users’ Activity Details and Control.

Prialaksana Januaresza

Assistant Vice President

Information Technology Head