Case Study
JFE Engineering

JFE Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. (JFEEIPL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JFE Engineering Corporation, Japan. JFE Engineering Corporation, a fully owned subsidiary of JFE Holdings, is one of the largest EPC solution providers in multiple business sectors within Japan. JFE Engineering India Private Limited specializes in offering solutions in the area of Waste Heat Recovery Power Plants.

The Challenge

JFEEIPL was looking for a solution that helps to mitigate and prevent possibilities of direct/indirect data loss threats and closely monitor employee activity related to data transfers. JFEEIPL was also searching for an efficient DLP solution as an additional layer for data security.

The Solution

JFE Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. is using our Device Control and Content Aware Protection modules. Endpoint Protector’s Device Control module allows the company to monitor and control USB and peripheral ports, thus preventing unauthorized data transfers and the use of unauthorized devices. With the Content Aware Protection module, JFEEIPL scans and protects data in motion with content inspection and contextual scanning of data. This module prevents data leakage and data loss through various exit points, including web browsers, email clients, and applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Skype, or Dropbox.

“The product is quite easy to understand and deploy. The most required feature for our organization was the domain configuration, whitelisting of certain domains for sending or blocking attachments. This feature is working wonderfully and has helped the company in securing all its data confidentiality”, said Ms.Sujith.

Endpoint Protector can be deployed in multiple ways, depending on the existing infrastructure of the company. Clients can choose from a virtual appliance, a cloud server (compatible with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure) and a SaaS offering hosted by CoSoSys in AWS.

JFE Engineering India Pvt Ltd rated Endpoint Protector’s features, granularity, ease of installation, and ease of use as good, and staff availability when calling or asking for assistance very good.

Why Endpoint Protector?

JFE Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. has chosen Endpoint Protector because the solution is easy to deploy and user-friendly, offers cross-platform capabilities and competitive pricing.

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