Case Study

Daysoft Ltd. is the first and only integrated design, make, and supply-direct contact lens company in the world. Based in Glasgow, Daysoft is one of the most advanced contact lens manufacturing laboratories worldwide. The design of the contact lens and manufacturing process is accomplished in-house by specialized teams. This allows Daysoft to continually improve its product, process, and ability to deliver the lowest cost daily disposables worldwide.

The Challenge

Daysoft Ltd. was searching for a DLP solution with cross-platform capabilities, that allows applying the same data protection policies on all workstations.

They needed a tool that supports the compliance requirements of different data protection regulations, such as the PCI DSS.

The company was also looking for an additional layer of security to prevent data loss and data leaks.

The Solution

Daysoft Ltd. is using all Endpoint Protector modules: Device Control for USB and peripheral port control, Content Aware Protection for monitoring data in motion, Enforced Encryption for automatic USB encryption, and eDiscovery for scanning data at rest.

“The most important aspect of Endpoint Protector for us at Daysoft is being able to lock down removable storage access. With the help of Endpoint Protector, we now have an approved list of company devices, locked down by serial numbers which are fully encrypted. Any other removable storage media is blocked from being used,” - Dom Freeman said.

The Device Control module was built with flexibility in mind. Policies can be applied not only on a global level but also to particular groups such as departments or people involved in a specific project or to certain computers, users, or devices. Combined with Enforced Encryption, companies can ensure that any company data copied onto USBs will be automatically encrypted with government-approved 256bit AES CBC-mode encryption. The Content Aware Protection module helps companies scan and protect data in motion with content inspection and contextual scanning of data.

“Having purchased and implemented Endpoint Protector, we are heavily implementing and making use of the Content Aware Protection module; this allows us to monitor and block sensitive data from leaving our network. Content Aware Protection blocks data being transmitted via email, web browsers, cloud services, social media, and more. This allows us to be more compliant in regards to PCI and mitigates the risk of financial penalties,” - he added.

For Daysoft Ltd., it was advantageous that Endpoint Protector offers cross-platform protection. According to the company, the easy deployment of the product and its user-friendliness are also among its strengths. Daysoft Ltd. rated Endpoint Protector’s features, granularity, ease of installation, and staff availability when calling or asking for assistance excellent. They rated the ease of use, support, and updates as very good..

Why Endpoint Protector?

Daysoft Ltd. has chosen Endpoint Protector because of its cross-platform capabilities, which include Windows, macOS, and Linux-based computers. Another reason was the solution’s easy deployment and user-friendliness.

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