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Extend your Device Control capabilities by adding Content Aware Protection

In this short 4 minute video, CoSoSys Director of North American Sales, Chris Roney explains how Content Aware Protection turns an existing Device Control deployment into full Data Loss Prevention covering all endpoint exit points.

User Remediation - Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys

User Remediation is an important new feature that can be applied to your DLP policies in Endpoint Protector If enabled, your users will be able to override the DLP policy, adding a justification for doing so.

Currently available for the Content Aware Protection module, this feature significantly improves the experience for your end-users and reduces the time your admin team spends responding to tickets and requests to bypass a policy restriction.

How Device Control Works?

See how you can lockdown, control and monitor USB and peripheral ports to stop data theft and data loss. Our Device Control protects against data loss by monitoring and controlling data transfers from PCs to removable storage devices such as USB drives.

How Content Aware Protection Works?

Content-aware data loss prevention is a data loss-prevention measure that involves awareness of the context or content that is being protected. This module enables the dynamic application of policy based on the content and context at the time of an operation. These tools are used to address the risk of inadvertent or accidental leaks, or exposure of sensitive enterprise information outside authorised channels, using monitoring, filtering, blocking and remediation features.

How Enforced Encryption Works?

Enforced Encryption allows IT Administrators to extend their Device Control policy and make sure all confidential data transferred to USB storage devices is automatically encrypted. The solution can be used on both macOS and Windows computers.

How eDiscovery Works?

eDiscovery scans and identifies the confidential information in organizations’ endpoints and allows Administrators to take remediation actions like encrypting or deleting data at rest. It addresses both internal and external threats – unauthorized employees storing sensitive data on their computers and attackers which manage to bypass the network defense and try to get a hold of the company’s records

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