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Liebherr Iberica

Liebherr Iberica implemented Endpoint Protector to manage insider threats so they avoid any malicious activity from taking place, to add an extra layer of security, and to be compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

Industry: Others
Additional security, close monitoring of data transfers to prevent data loss
Implementing Endpoint Protector Device Control module
Easy deployment, intuitive interface, regulatory compliance

Liebherr Iberica needed a product that helps to manage insider threats and close monitoring of employee activity related to data transfers.

With previously registered data losses, they were also searching for a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution as an additional layer for data security.

Another important aspect for the company was meeting the compliance requirements of data protection regulations such as the GDPR.


Liebherr Iberica chose Device Control from Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys. Device Control allows Liebherr Iberica to monitor and control USB and peripheral ports, preventing unauthorized data transfers and the use of unauthorized devices.

For the Liebherr Iberica, it is very important to have a remote control for external devices. The functionality they most use is the Offline Temporary Password (OTP), which grants access rights for a limited time. OTPs can lift all restrictions for specific devices, users, or computers and can be used even remotely or when a computer is not connected to a network.

Endpoint Protector comes equipped with features that allow Liebherr Iberica to change the Master Password. Every time this password is used, the IT department changes it to not continually use it. After changing the Master Password, it can be shared with team leaders who decide if it needs to be shared with employees who are working after hours and with those who are traveling outside of the office. Generally, employees who work outside the business hours need to have this control over the devices used by the employees.

Liebherr Iberica created a specific allowed device for each user, within Device Control, using the functionality that allows creating specific devices to use. They offer to each mechanic engineer a specific USB and register that device in Endpoint Protector, in order to offer permission only for those specific devices.

Liebherr Iberica rated Endpoint Protector’s features, granularity as good, support and updates, ease of installation, and staff availability when calling or asking for assistance as very good.


Liebherr Iberica has chosen Endpoint Protector because the solution is easy to deploy and user-friendly, and it adapts to their national data protection regulations.

The most required features for our organization were managing insider threats by close monitoring of employee activity related to data transfers. It’s very easy to use and deploy, and it helps us to be compliant with our internal regulations.
Mr. Victor Delgado
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