Cloud DLP Deployment

Endpoint Protector can be deployed using various cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Highly Rated in the latest Enterprise DLP Gartner Magic Quadrant

Monitor Sensitive Data in Real-Time
Granular DLP Policies
Compliance Management & Auditing

Discover, monitor and protect your sensitive data

Out-of-the-Box Solution to secure sensitive information from threats posed by portable storage devices, cloud services and mobile devices

In a world where portable, lifestyle devices, and the cloud are transforming the way we work and live, Endpoint Protector is designed to protect confidential cloud data against insider threats, while maintaining productivity and making work more convenient, secure and enjoyable.

The blacklist and whitelist-based approach grants flexibility in policy building. Organizations have the option to prohibit the use of specific removable devices and data transfers to file cloud applications and other online services, to scan for certain PIIs, but to allow transfers to specific URLs and domain names for certain computers/users/groups, avoiding task interruption. With Endpoint Protector being offered as hardware or virtual appliance, it can be setup in minutes. Moreover, the responsive management interface allows managing policies and checking reports from any device, from desktop to tablet.

Endpoint Protector dramatically reduces the risks posed by internal threats that could lead to data being leaked, stolen, or otherwise compromised. In addition to these, compliance with various rules and regulations is also met.

With a client-server architecture, they are easy to deploy and centrally manage from the web-based interface. Besides the Hardware and Virtual Appliance, Amazon Web Services Instance and Cloud version.

Cloud providers also offer a degree of flexibility and scalability that traditional IT infrastructure lacks: pricing tiers charge users only for the resources they use rather than a flat-fee for services they might potentially use. By using cloud computing, companies no longer need to deploy their own resources or allocate IT staff to manage services internally but can rely on cloud service providers for both.

At Endpoint Protector, we work together with our customers to constantly improve our solutions not only when it comes to their functionalities, but also to their deployment and support. With the rising use of cloud services, we expanded our deployment options to include various cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to meet the needs of companies that have taken the plunge into cloud computing. Explore more about our AWS DLP solution here.

Compliance Management & Auditing

Our DLP solution deliver cost-effective data discovery and Data Loss Prevention for data privacy and compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI and more.

Stop the theft or loss of regulated data such as personally identifiable information (PII) over all communication channels. It is the industry’s most easily deployed and managed enterprise DLP - protecting regulated data in healthcare, financial services, government, retail, and other industries.

Real-time data protection with an advanced DLP solution

The components of our DLP solution can be used separately or all together to defend your data against loss, theft, and leaks.

Content Aware Protection

Make sure sensitive data does not leave your network whether copied on devices, to clipboard or through applications, online services and even as screen captures.

Device Control

Manage use of USB and other portable storage devices and enforce strong security policies to protect your vital data and your network's health.

Enforced Encryption for removable storage

Keep sensitive data encrypted while on the move and access it everywhere you go on any Windows, macOS and Linux computers.


Discover, encrypt and delete sensitive data. Detailed content and context inspection through manual or automatic scans.

Main Benefits

Take advantage of the cloud without worrying about security

Cloud apps and file sharing services are extremely common in today's work environments due to the ease of use, convenience and fast collaboration. Banning the acces to these apps would affect employees' productivity. To avoid this but also make sure data is secured, you have the option to monitor and block specific data transfers to specific applications.

Deal with Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a major concern for IT departments. With the use of Data Loss Prevention solutions, IT departments do not have to restrict access to apps as all sensitive content transfers can be monitored and blocked. IT departments have the tool to enforce data security restrictions, without compromising productivity.

Prevent leakage of critical data in the cloud

With the available filters, whitelists and blacklists, IT Administrators can prevent sensitive data ending up in the cloud, without blocking the transfer of non-critical data that interrupts employees' work. 

Get valuable reports for audits

Audits are an important part of the data security plan. Knowing at all times users' activity related to data transfers can stop data breaches and ensure business continuity.

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