Case Study
STEINEL Normalien AG

STEINEL is a medium-sized Swabian family business in the metalworking industry with two locations in Germany and several representatives abroad. Their range of services extends from the manufacture of all standard parts, active elements, and tool systems to the realization of complete solutions. Openness, reliability, and trust characterize STEINEL's work.

The Challenge

STEINEL Normalien AG was looking for a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution with cross-platform capabilities. The company needed a tool that offers support for endpoints that also run on Linux-based operating systems.

They were looking to control USB and peripheral ports with an easy to deploy and user-friendly tool in order to prevent data leaks and ensure the security of sensitive information.

The Solution

STEINEL Normalien AG uses Endpoint Protector's Device Control module for USB and peripheral port control. The company chose Endpoint Protector because the solution offers cross-platform capabilities that include Windows, macOS, and Linux-based operating systems. Endpoint Protector comes in modular format, and the company could customize the Device Control module according to their needs.

“We use Device Control to control who connects or uses what, where, and on which device. It is also important to us that it protects against manipulated devices and malware cannot be introduced via USB devices,” Sven Jäggle said.

Endpoint Protector offers granular options to control devices that connect through USB ports; different rules can be created for particular groups, users, or computers. Besides preventing data loss, it also protects the endpoints against the spread o USB malware, BadUSB attacks, or viruses.

With Endpoint Protector, STEINEL Normalien AG can also meet the compliance requirements of the GDPR/DSGVO.

STEINEL Normalien AG rated Endpoint Protector's features, granularity, ease of installation and ease of use as excellent; support and staff availability when calling or asking for assistance as good.

Why Endpoint Protector?

STEINEL Normalien AG has chosen Endpoint Protector because the solution is easy to deploy, is user-friendly, and has cross-platform capabilities that include support for the Linux operating system.

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