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Explore how Endpoint Protector supports TISAX compliance for the automotive industry

Table of Contents

  1. TISAX Compliance Requirements
  2. Who needs to comply?
  3. Key focus areas for TISAX compliance
  4. Achieving TISAX compliance with Endpoint Protector
  5. Considerations for your organization

TISAX Compliance Requirements

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) has become an important cybersecurity standard for the automotive industry, particularly for those operating in, or with, the DACH region. Taking many of the controls set out by ISO 27001 to build a specific framework for the automotive industry, TISAX emphasizes the need for data protection to ensure complete supply chain security and consistent security standards.

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys enables automotive manufacturers, their suppliers, and any organization within the supply chain to safeguard sensitive data, protect valuable Intellectual Property (IP), and meet many of the stringent requirements set out by TISAX.

Who needs to comply?

Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers

Companies operating within the automotive supply chain, including OEMs, parts suppliers, and service providers dealing with confidential information.

Global Partners and Subcontractors

International partners and subcontractors who are part of the supply chain for automotive companies adhering to TISAX standards.

Key focus areas for TISAX compliance

TISAX emphasizes several critical areas in information security, with specific focus on data protection, device control, and secure communication.

  1. Sensitive Data Encryption: Essential for securing confidential information, robust encryption safeguards data both at rest and in transit, and preventing unauthorized access and breaches.
  2. Effective Management of Data Access and Transfer: Critical for controlling who can access and transfer sensitive information. Involves strict access controls, secure data transfer protocols, and monitoring data movement to ensure compliance with TISAX standards.
  3. Prevention of Unauthorized Data Disclosure: Vital for protecting intellectual property and customer privacy. This includes implementing data governance policies, regular security training, and deploying Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies to detect and block potential data leaks.

These focus areas are fundamental to maintaining the security of information in the automotive sector, with TISAX compliance reinforcing a company’s commitment to data integrity and trustworthiness.

Achieving TISAX compliance with Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector aligns with several key TISAX requirements, offering industry-proven solutions to ensure data security and IP protection in the automotive industry.

Granular USB Device Control

Complete control over USB and other removable media, an essential aspect of TISAX compliance. This level of control is crucial in the automotive industry where the unauthorized use of such devices can lead to significant data breaches. The features include:

  • Management of Device Usage and Access Rights: Sets strict rules for USB and removable media within the network, restricting access to only authorized personnel. This minimizes the risk of data breaches and ensures the security of sensitive automotive data and IP.
  • Monitoring and Logging of Device Activity: Continuous monitoring and logging of device activities to provide an audit trail and real-time oversight, essential for detecting and responding to suspicious activities and potential security risks.
  • Implementation of Device Usage Policies: Endpoint Protector facilitates the creation and enforcement of tailored device usage policies, aligned with specific departmental needs and TISAX compliance requirements, ensuring secure and compliant device usage.

By incorporating these features, Endpoint Protector ensures that the use of USB and other removable media is managed in a secure and compliant manner, addressing a key aspect of TISAX compliance and reinforcing the overall security posture of organizations in the automotive industry.

Prevent data loss and leakage

Endpoint Protector’s Content Aware Protection protects against data leaks and unauthorized access, a vital component of TISAX compliance.

  • A proven DLP solution, trusted by many of the world’s largest automative brands
  • Uses contextual data scanning to identity sensitive data and IP and block unauthorized sharing
  • Protect data from being exfiltrated at the employee endpoint. This spans potential exfiltration of data through both hardware devices (e.g., USB drives, external HDDs, Bluetooth connected devices, printers), and through software applications (e.g., email, Slack, file uploads to the cloud)
  • Provides ongoing surveillance and real-time monitoring to prevent data leaks, ensuring immediate detection and response to safeguard sensitive information.
  • Robust defenses to safeguard against internal risks, including accidental data mishandling and intentional breaches, aligning with TISAX compliance requirements.

Data transfer security

Secure data transfer is crucial under TISAX. Endpoint Protector ensures the integrity and confidentiality of data in transit.

  • Automatically encrypt data being transferred via removable media (USB drives)
  • Secure handling of sensitive automotive information

Customizing Endpoint Protector for your needs

Endpoint Protector stands out for its adaptability and flexibility, seamlessly integrating into diverse IT environments and catering to the specific requirements of TISAX compliance.

Flexible Integration with Existing IT Infrastructure

Endpoint Protector is designed to complement and enhance your existing IT infrastructure. It integrates smoothly with your current systems, ensuring that TISAX compliance efforts are streamlined and effective without disrupting established workflows.

Multi-OS Support:

Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring comprehensive data protection across all organizational platforms.

Deployment Options:

Multiple deployment options to meet your requirements - including on-premise or cloud.

Customizable Data Control Policies:

Data control policies, aligning with the unique needs of the automotive industry and TISAX standards.

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