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After introducing the Device Control and Content Aware Protection modules’ improvements, here comes the third and last part of our series presenting the updates of the eDiscovery and Enforced Encryption modules.

Our latest release, Endpoint Protector, is a major upgrade of our advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) product, offering zero-day support for macOS Big Sur and compatibility with Apple’s new, homegrown M1 processors. When developing new and improving existing features, we’ve taken into account the current work scene of remote work, the security challenges this brings as well as the needs of our enterprise customers. Thus, we’d like to ensure they can efficiently protect their data, even outside the traditional office walls.

First, let’s take a look at what our eDiscovery and Enforced Encryption modules can do and how they can help companies to safeguard their data.

eDiscovery is our powerful cross-platform data discovery tool that scans and identifies the confidential information in organizations’ endpoints. Sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Intellectual Property (IP) needs to be protected from loss or theft even when stored locally on hard drives. By performing regular scans, companies can ensure that sensitive data isn’t stored for longer than required. Data discovery and remediation actions can also support organizations in fulfilling requests for erasure from data subjects.

Endpoint Protector’s Enforced Encryption module allows IT Administrators to extend their Device Control policies and make sure confidential data transferred to USB devices is automatically encrypted. Our solution efficiently ensures that any sensitive information copied onto USBs will be encrypted with government-approved 256bit AES CBC-mode encryption. With Enforced Encryption, a common blind spot of data protection can be eliminated by ensuring that any USB stolen or lost will not be accessed by third parties.

eDiscovery improvements

Our team is aware of how important PII scanning has become in recent years, especially as protecting personal information has turned into a legal obligation in many countries. Besides employees’ PII, companies also collect, use, or store information about their customers, patients, students, etc. Due to its sensitive nature, PII is often targeted by both outsiders and insiders. Organizations have to protect it from loss, theft, and unauthorized access as failure to do so comes with high costs, including not only fines but reputational damage too.

Endpoint Protector comes with improved PII scanning for both the eDiscovery and Content Aware Protection modules, thus helping clients to better ensure the security of sensitive data. We’ve also included additional predefined PIIs in the latest release in order to help support our customers’ compliance efforts. Good news for IT customers, too: Endpoint Protector brings improvements for the Source Code detection functionality and enhanced Git control.

Reducing false positives when inspecting content was also among our objectives, this version focusing on Excel files and Credit Card detection. By this, we’d like to ensure a more efficient workflow.

Enforced Encryption updates

Encryption is an efficient way to safeguard data, especially in case of device loss or theft. Besides hard drive encryption, companies must also ensure that data stored on portable devices is secure from data breaches. USB drives are widely used as quick data transfer tools, but they can also be misused to steal data from a computer. In a remote work environment, this represents a higher risk, as companies cannot control who enters and leaves the home of an employee.

In Endpoint Protector, we’ve improved our Enforce Encryption module in terms of granularity, deployment, and user experience.  A new, valuable functionality was also added, offering the option to preview images on the encrypted side. This visual preview’s main benefit is that users can quickly get an idea of what the image contains.

In Conclusion

Endpoint Protector aims to help companies in ensuring data protection regardless of an endpoint physical location and offering new functionalities that are useful in this era of work-from-home. Protecting data at rest and encrypting sensitive data are essential parts of a successful data protection strategy; thus it was important for us to make our eDiscovery and Enforced Encryption modules even more powerful.

If you’d like to find out more about our powerful product update, read the other two articles of our series, coming with a detailed overview of Endpoint Protector’s other modules: Device Control and Content Aware Protection. You can also check out our release notes or easily schedule a demo.


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