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The fascinating world of mobile devices and MDM

September 1, 2016 Mobile Device Management
by: September 1, 2016

Since BYOD (bring-your-own-device) first emerged, there have been some significant changes in the tech and security industries. Companies and mobile devices manufacturers, as well as mobile operating systems developers,…

Infographic – Top Data Security Concerns for 2016+

by: February 2, 2016

Statistics about Cloud Services, Shadow IT, Wearables, and IoT show that they are amongst the top data security concerns for organizations. Now, more than ever, apps and interconnected devices are part of our lives and, …

The coming of the eSIM

October 30, 2015 Mobile Device Management
by: October 30, 2015

Future smartphones will come with a virtual SIM, meaning without a physical SIM card.

With the introduction of the iPad mini 2 in late 2014 Apple has already started to go in this direction. Since then, iPads in North America…

Mobile Device Management – Not just for security

by: July 6, 2015

There is no doubt that a Mobile Device Management (some call it Enterprise Mobility Management) Solution can help any organization safeguard their mobile employees and help navigate the BYOD-related pitfalls. Besides…