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Zero-Day Support and Kextless Agent for macOS Big Sur by Endpoint Protector DLP

First introduced in June 2020 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, macOS Big Sur (version 11.0) was officially released yesterday. The seventeenth major release of macOS, brings not only a refined new design but important changes regarding safety and privacy too.

The successor of macOS Catalina doubles down on data protection, with a cryptographically signed system volume, self-reported privacy practices from developers, enhanced privacy features on Safari and App Store, and more. macOS Big Sur also marks a shift from Kernel Extensions (KEXTs) to System Extensions, improving macOS’s reliability and security by cutting off access to the macOS kernel and allowing code to be executed only in a controlled user-space.

Endpoint Protector is a pioneer Data Loss Prevention (DLP) vendor to release an agent that doesn’t use a KEXT.

Being among the best and most trusted DLP solutions for macOS users on the market, Endpoint Protector keeps offering zero-day support for new macOS versions. This means that companies can confidently allow employees to deploy Big Sur as Endpoint Protector will be compatible with the newly released version, and data protection will continue as usual. The newest version of Endpoint Protector comes with a kextless agent built on Apple’s new Endpoint Security Framework. Dedicated specifically for security solutions, the Endpoint Security Framework marks an important advancement for macOS, bringing more security and stability.

Endpoint Protector’s legacy client will continue to work on older macOS versions (from macOS 10.8 to macOS 10.15). The legacy client version is notarized under the Apple notarization requirement, which gives users more confidence that the software they download and run has been checked for known security issues.

The transition from KEXTs to a kextless, Endpoint Security Framework-based architecture ensures that Endpoint Protector stays ahead of threats targeting Macs and keeps offering advanced protection for enterprises with macOS devices.

If you’d like to find out more about how Endpoint Protector can safeguard sensitive data in your enterprise, then request a demo or download our whitepaper on macOS.


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