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The 4 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make Trying To Secure Endpoints

November 14, 2016 Author: Endpoint Protection 0 Comments

When it comes to data security risks, every industry has its own specifics, depending on the type of information it works with or it stores, depending on the technology it uses, etc. Consequences of data breaches, however, are pretty much the same, regardless the industry or business, and so are the errors they make with respect do data security and the users’ behavior when working with confidential data.

Data breaches or loss of critical information happen where and when least expected. In most of the cases, data breaches or data losses are caused incidentally by employees; protecting endpoints only from external threats, like malware, is not enough anymore. Insider threats have become more powerful, causing high-costly damages to the business, or even shutting it down. One of the leading causes is the fact that these days, employees are encouraged by companies to use a variety of…

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Close Look into Insider and External Threats

One challenge we face many times is related to the confusion between the threats our Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Device Management solutions address. Even though DLP has become very popular and, while it has not reached maturity, pretty much any IT Manager or CSO knows what DLP is, but there is still some confusion regarding the risks it minimizes or what user behavior is controlled. In fact, data security is so complex, that the confusion regarding on how threats act and how software responds extend to other solutions as well, not only DLP.
To bring some clarity into what DLP covers, we need to make a distinction between external and internal threat vectors:

Insider threats

For a complete protection, organizations must also address the biggest threat of the 21st century – insider threats. While IT Administrators are busy securing the network and setting up the firewall to make sure…

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Data Security Resolutions All Businesses Should Make this Year

We talked about the top data security concerns for 2016+ in our previous article, so now we want to continue by giving some pointers on how to protect data against these threats.

1. Increase your budget for data security

One of the problems most organizations face is the low budget they assign for data security, being seen as a low priority. In the last few years, budgets have grown, but it happened for big companies and enterprises, leaving small and medium businesses behind. The pressure to increase budgets comes from several directions: industry rules and regulations (HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc.), more and more breaches that come to light, more complex work environments with more platforms and devices that store sensitive data, etc. With things changing and threats being more sophisticated, increasing budgets to invest in security solutions that prevent data breaches is mandatory.

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Ensure Your Endpoint Protection System is Ready for 2016 with These Tips

Whether you work with a small or a large company, making sure a quality endpoint protection system is put in place definitely comes first on your to-do list. After all, if data security is not taken seriously, you can’t expect potential clients to take the company seriously. Plus, it will completely tarnish the reputation of the brand, since the general audience will have a hard time placing their trust in it.

Even if you think everything is in order, it’s important to keep in mind that IT security trends tend to shift quite often. This is why it’s vital to ensure your endpoint protection policies will be able to face whatever challenges 2016 will throw at it.
Here are some useful pointers we believe you need to keep in mind if you want to make sure everything is ready for the New Year. Some of them might seem common knowledge to you, but keep in mind that even the most common advice…

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