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An important upgrade of Endpoint Protector, our enterprise-grade Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, is officially out. The latest version of our multi-OS solution, Endpoint Protector, brings key functionalities that will help large companies in industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, and law to protect data efficiently in the age of work-from-home (WFH). Our team has been working on a new version of the product that brings more functionalities for each module of Endpoint Protector to help our clients better protect their data outside the traditional office walls.

Here’s a summary of the most important changes in the new release:

Zero-day support for macOS Big Sur & Apple Silicon

We’re ready for the release of Apple silicon and macOS Big Sur. Our kextless agent will allow users to update to the latest version of the OS and transition to a system extension-based DLP protection.

Advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

In the Content Aware Protection module, we’ve significantly enhanced the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) functionality. In Endpoint Protector, by enabling DPI, now it is possible to block unsecured access through HTTP and restrict user access. On the other hand, HTTPS transfers are subject to the Content Aware Protection Policies. Texts on instant messaging apps can also be inspected for sensitive information. DPI can monitor content on the most popular instant messaging apps, including Slack, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, as well as on browsers for online applications such as Google Spreadsheet and Facebook Post. The functionality’s granularity has also been improved, and in the latest version of Endpoint Protector, it is possible to enable or disable Deep Packet Inspection for each monitored application.

Enhanced User Settings

We’re aware that the future is more user-centric, and in our new release, we’ve enhanced the User Settings in the Device Control module. Functionalities now include File Tracing and File Shadowing, Outside Network and Outside Hours, and more.

PII improvements

For the eDiscovery module, we’ve focused our attention on improving the PII detection mechanism. Additional predefined PIIs have also been added to help customers with PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA compliance.

Image preview

A new, useful functionality was added to the Enforced Encryption module, and now the option to preview images on the encrypted side is available. This visual preview’s main benefit is that users can quickly get an idea of what the image contains. Improvements have been made for a better user experience and a more granular administration of encrypted drives.

In conclusion

As we are aware of how important it is to protect sensitive data regardless of the endpoint’s physical location, in Endpoint Protector we’ve focused on including functionalities that can help enterprises to ensure data security even when employees work remotely. As Deep Packet Inspection is widely used by many of our customers, the latest version comes with advanced settings for the functionality allowing an improved network traffic inspection and more granular settings.

Besides the highlights mentioned above, there are many other details to be discovered in Endpoint Protector Whether you’re curious about the improved Clipboard functionality, the extended Bluetooth options that now contain Bluetooth headsets too, or the enhancements we’ve made for Credit Card detection and Source Code detection, you can find the complete list of the updates on the Endpoint Protector website, under Release Notes.


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