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Zero-Day Support for macOS Mojave with Endpoint Protector

September 24, 2018 Author: Macs in the enterprise 0 Comments

Today marks the launch for public use of macOS 10.14, dubbed Mojave. First announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018, the new version brings new features inspired by pro users, but designed for everyone. It introduces the Dark Mode which dims the screen outside users’ work area, helping them to better focus on the task at hand. Dark Mode also makes macOS’s color scheme customizable, allowing users to swap Apple’s traditional white with black.

A new feature, Stacks, automatically organizes files on desktops, by either document type (images, documents, spreadsheets etc.), dates or tags with project-specific metadata such as company names. Three popular iOS apps are heading to macOS:  Apple News, Stocks and Voice Memos. Apple mail will also support emojis from now on. A new app, Home, will allow users to now manage internet-of-things devices from…

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best DLP solution for Macs

macOS devices are becoming an ever more prominent presence in the work place. This is chiefly due to two trends: bring your own device (BYOD) and employee choice policies. The first allows employees to bring their own devices onto the company network, while the second lets them choose which device they will be using in the work place. A survey conducted by Jamf earlier this year showed that, in the 580 organizations that participated, 72% of employees chose Macs and a further 75% chose iPhones when given the option.

Apple has been actively pushing for a higher adoption rate of Macs in the business environment, with new security features in High Sierra specifically aimed at enterprises. With the launch of its new 64-bit Apple File System (APFS), native encryption options available through FileVault and the possibility to set a firmware password that will prevent non-standard booting through…

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Zero-Day Support for macOS High Sierra with Endpoint Protector

Apple officially launched macOS 10.13 dubbed High Sierra for public use on 25 September 2017. First announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) 2017 keynote event in San Jose in June, the new version of the Mac and MacBook operating system, brought some significant under the hood changes as well as some improvements for both commercial and enterprise users. Along with refinements to apps such as Safari, Photos and Mail, High Sierra also received a serious security boost through the new 64-bit default Apple File System(APFS) that supports native encryption as well as new features that allow for the development of virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR) content.

With High Sierra, Apple has shown it’s committed to bridging the gap between Macs and PCs and making their computers as common in the workplace as their Windows running counterparts. The proliferation…

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Top 5 Data Security Tools for Macs

September 21, 2017 Author: Macs in the enterprise 0 Comments

With the rise of BYOD and Mac-friendly business environments, the use of Macs in the work place is growing. As a Unix-based operating system, macOS is generally considered to be a more secure alternative to Windows that, as the predominant OS in enterprises, is the favorite target of hackers everywhere.

While it’s certainly true that Macs face fewer attacks than their Windows-running counterparts, the myth of its unbreakable OS makes companies less worried about their protection and in consequence, they invest less or no money at all into it. This, in turn makes Macs attractive marks for cybercriminals. After all, popular infiltration methods such as phishing, do not rely so much on breaking into an OS through vulnerabilities as on the ignorance of users. Without the proper security tools in place, these attacks can go undetected, potentially causing long term damage to companies’…

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Why Macs have a lower TCO than Windows computers

In recent years, the number of Mac computers has visibly grown among consumers, mainly because of their modern design and features, built-in security and ease of use.

Even so, there is still a common misconception prevalent within companies when it comes to buying Macs for the workforce, the assumption being that they are not affordable compared to the costs of Windows PCs. But when you compare the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of Macs and Windows PCs, Mac is the clear winner.

Last year, Fletcher Previn of IBM had a presentation at the Jamf tech conference, where he talked about the usage and costs of Macs vs PCs inside IBM, proving that the total cost of ownership of Macs is significantly lower. The number of Macs increased inside IBM, by the end of last year, reaching 100.000 Mac users. From the total number of Mac users, only 5% needed help-desk support, versus 40% of PC users, resulting in lower…

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High Sierra Brings New Security Features for Enterprises to macOS

Apple announced the upcoming release of its macOS 10.13, dubbed High Sierra, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) 2017 keynote event in San Jose earlier this month. It brings many under the hood changes along with some new eye catching updates for everyday users.
The Cupertino-based company is clearly starting to take into account the thousands of Macs used across enterprises with some updates aimed to improve the management and configuration of large scale Mac deployments. High Sierra will bring new MDM configurations such as the 802.1X Ethernet, management of firmware passwords and user accounts, tools to shut down and/or restart macOS remotely, FileVault key escrow and restrictions to iCloud desktop and documents. It will also include the ability to delay software updates for up to 90 days so IT teams can test them before installation.

The most notable change in

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Macs in Enterprises Today and 5 Steps to Secure Their Data

From a niche player, Apple succeeded to have a general-purpose enterprise use nowadays. Once best suited only for creative roles in design, photography or marketing, today Macs experience a growing adoption in enterprises as a result of a higher demand from all employees. One of the top reasons is the low total cost of ownership; an enterprise could save from $265 to $535 over a four-year period for each employee who uses a Mac over a PC. Apple knows that and their strategy reflects in every release and every product they launch.

Take the macOS Sierra, for example. Currently, its adoption has reached 38% among Mac users, while Windows 10 has less than 25%. When we look at the features that were released in September, we see two things – Apple’s desire to strengthen their market share by unifying users’ experience with all Apple products and their convenience and ease of …

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Endpoint Protector at Mac IT Conference

It’s the first day at Mac IT Conf and we’re set up and looking forward to welcome the first visitors.
For us, it is the second year participating as exhibitors to the world’s premier event for “Deploying Apple in the Enterprise.”
If last year, MacWorld, the consumer show, got more attention, this year, all eyes are on the enterprise.

There are a series of interesting sessions like:

  • CIO Perspectives on Apple in the Enterprise: The MacIT Leadership Panel
  • CSO/CISO Roundtable: A Day In the Life of a Security Leader and others.

There will also be a recap for WWDC2015, so if you didn’t attend you can take advantage of the panel discussions regarding the relevance of Apple updates for the enterprise. You can also read here about WWDC highlights.


We will also have a presentation entitled It’s a Mac, Mac World and Data Loss Prevention Should Be a Part of It today at 1:20pm – 1:40pm,…

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Highlights at WWDC 2015 – OS X El Capitan and iOS 9

With every release and version of OS X, iOS and, of course, new devices and computers, Apple is driving more and more adoption. It’s the company that manages to increase customers’ loyalty and to gain new ones with the speed of light.

In June, I attended WWDC 2015 and just like all their events, it was totally worth it.

Features and enhancements beneficial for both personal and business use

Among the announcements, there was OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 which are scheduled to be released in the fall. Apple’s challenge now is to overcome their own record with El Capitan- the fastest adoption rate for any PC operating system ever – 55% recorded by Yosemite-. From the features included in this new OS version, it seems that they’re on the right track. As we are used to, Apple’s bidding on convenience, user experience and performance. Attention to detail and refinement are pushed to extremes,

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The Importance of Data Loss Prevention for Macs

Apple products have increasingly gained popularity in enterprise environments due to perception that they are so secure they will never get attacked and no data will be leaked, but will they become a bigger target due to their growing market share?

Some of the biggest data breaches episodes of the last few years, from Target Corp. to Home Depot., share a common thread. Microsoft Corp. platforms were involved at some level. The most common explanation for the frequency of attacks on Microsoft platforms is that they are more or less everywhere, creating a bigger and more lucrative market opportunity for hackers.

What companies are using Macs?

There are two types of companies that adopt Macs. First one, companies that have Macs here and there, 3-5 in the Marketing department, 2-3 for top management and there are companies like Google who manage over 40000 Macs. Another example is Cisco where…

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