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The Endpoint Protector Series: What’s New in Content Aware Protection?

Our major product update, Endpoint Protector has been released, bringing compatibility with Apple silicon processors, a new kextless agent and zero-day support for macOS Big Sur, as well as introducing new key features or enhancing existing ones. After covering the updates of the Device Control module, this time we’re proudly presenting the improvements we’ve made to our Content Aware Protection module.

Endpoint Protector’s Content Aware Protection module scans and protects data in motion, providing content inspection and contextual scanning of data. It prevents data leakage and data loss through all possible exit points, including clipboard, screen captures, and USB devices, as well as applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Skype, or Dropbox. In Endpoint Protector, the Content Aware Protection module brings the most significant improvements.

Let’s check them out:

Advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

As we are aware that Deep Packet Inspection is among the most used and requested features of Endpoint Protector, we’ve included a serious upgrade of it in our new release. For enhanced security, it is possible to block unsecured access through HTTP and restrict user access when DPI is enabled. On the other hand, HTTPS transfers are subject to the Content Aware Protection Policies.

We have also included new settings for the Deep Packet Inspection subsection, extending the granularity of the functionality. Now it is possible to enable or disable it for various applications and custom ports can be monitored.

Starting with Endpoint Protector, texts on some instant messaging apps can also be inspected for sensitive information. Work-from-home brings an increased usage level of apps that help teams to communicate more easily and efficiently, but also leads to new risks concerning sensitive data. By switching to remote work, confidential information can easily end in the wrong hands due to the carelessness of employees. Our DPI functionality can monitor content on the most popular instant messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, Mattermost, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. Furthermore, it can also monitor confidential information on browsers for online applications such as Google Spreadsheet, Facebook Post, Facebook Comment, and Instagram Comment.

Besides the multiple Deep Packet Inspection improvements in functionality, reducing false positives was also among our objectives (for e.g. when browsing the internet, when using Google Spreadsheet, Facebook, or other online applications).

Last but not least, the functionality comes with better interoperability with independent software vendors (ISVs) that provide deep packet inspection as well.

Improved Clipboard functionality

With the Clipboard functionality companies can prevent leakage of content captured through Copy & Paste or Cut & Paste operations. In Endpoint Protector the functionality includes a Paste granularity option, based on monitored applications (exit points) and a list of other applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Noters, Terminal, Script Editor, TextEdit, and more. This means that clients can better control what channels are allowed or blocked when using clipboard copy and paste actions for sensitive data.

Extended List Applications and Exit Points

Work-from-home requires businesses to have an extended overview of sensitive data and on the exit points where it could be leaked. Our latest update comes with an expanded list of monitored applications (such as Remote Call, Whale, Apple Remote Desktop, etc.) and upgraded exit points.

Content Inspection Improvements

Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a serious obligation for any business. As it can be tough to protect it, Endpoint Protector brings an improved PII detection mechanism. Additional predefined PIIs have also been added to help customers with compliance. We’ve also worked on reducing false positives when inspecting content, this version focusing on Excel files and Credit Card detection.

For our customers in the IT industry, our latest release comes with enhancements for the Source Code detection functionality. What’s more, we’ve improved Git control, for both GitHub and GitLab.

In Conclusion

Data in transit is in its most vulnerable state and our Content Aware Protection module aims to stop leakages data happen when transferring data. In Endpoint Protector this module comes with a variety of enhancements, the most important one being an advanced update of DPI. The module also comes with improved granularity, helping enterprises to secure sensitive data and avoid data loss even when employees work from home.

If you’d like to find out more about our powerful product update, follow our series, coming with a more detailed overview of Endpoint Protector’s other modules: Device Control, Enforced Encryption, and eDiscovery. You can also check out our release notes or easily schedule a demo.


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