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3 Questions CEOs Want Answered about Data Protection

October 14, 2019 Data Loss Prevention
by: October 14, 2019

Data protection and cybersecurity were, until recently, believed to be the domain of CIOs and IT departments. In recent years though, CEOs and boards of directors have realized the catastrophic consequences data breaches…

Endpoint Protector Offers Zero-Day Support for macOS Catalina

October 8, 2019 Data Loss Prevention
by: October 8, 2019

Apple’s latest operating system, macOS Catalina is finally out. Inspired by Santa Catalina Island, the successor of Mojave, macOS 10.15 brings a lot of exciting features and a number of notable changes to its hundreds of …

Data Protection in the Age of Digital Transformation

October 1, 2019 Data Loss Prevention
by: October 1, 2019

When stepping on the digital transformation journey, organizations should keep in mind that this includes a security transformation as well.

Until not so long ago, business data was analog and gathering or sharing information…

Top 7 Reasons to Start your DLP Strategy with Endpoint Protector

September 16, 2019 Data Loss Prevention
by: September 16, 2019

With the global rise of data breaches and the widespread adoption of data protection legislation, companies are increasingly turning towards Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions as indispensable tools in their data protection…

Data Security and Windows: Dealing with the Challenges and the Myths

August 19, 2019 Data Loss Prevention
by: August 19, 2019

Since it was launched in 1985, Microsoft Windows has been the dominant operating system for endpoints the world over. And while its popularity has waned in recent years, as macOS pushed into the enterprise and Linux released…

Collaboration Security: How to Safeguard Workstream Collaboration Data?

by: August 8, 2019

With the widespread adoption of workstream collaboration (WSC) platforms among businesses, it is essential to take into account to balance security against end-user productivity and collaboration.

Communication in…

5 Reasons Healthcare Institutions Need Data Loss Prevention

July 26, 2019 Data Loss Prevention
by: July 26, 2019

Health information has always been considered extremely sensitive and with the rise of digital healthcare records, the need for its protection has become increasingly urgent. Due to the high volume of data they collect …

Linux and Data Security: The Myths, Challenges and Solutions

July 18, 2019 Data Loss Prevention
by: July 18, 2019

Linux has come a long way since its humble beginnings as Finnish student Linus Torvalds’ pet project. With over 25 million lines of code to its name in 2018 and its rise as the OS of choice for servers, public cloud and supercomputers,…

The Hassle-Free Guide to Endpoint Protector Deployment

July 5, 2019 Data Loss Prevention
by: July 5, 2019

A persistent myth haunts all Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions: the belief that its deployment will be a slow and cumbersome process that will stretch across months, likely to affect both a network’s speed and employees’…

How Data Loss Prevention can help with CCPA Compliance

by: May 17, 2019

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has emerged as a blueprint for data protection regulations in the US. Itself inspired by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the CCPA adapted the new international…