Keeping Source Code Safe with Data Loss Prevention

November 9, 2018 Author: Data Loss Prevention 0 Comments

When developing new software and algorithms, companies’ number one concern is that they do the job they are meant to do and function efficiently. Cybersecurity features, when implemented, are meant to ensure the protection of users’ data and guard against malicious process hijacking attacks. Source code itself is often left out of these security considerations and its importance as proprietary confidential information is overlooked.

Sensitive data is frequently viewed as referring to individuals’ data that is protected in many cases by law and whose leakage can cause both financial liability and a loss of customer trust.  When it comes to source code, inevitably, there are competitors that might develop similar products, but there is a marked difference between them having to do the ground work themselves and simply following a company’s available code as their blueprint.…

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Endpoint Protector at the Jamf Nation User Conference 2018

November 1, 2018 Author: Events 0 Comments

The Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC), the largest gathering of Apple system administrators in the world, took place between 23 and 25 October at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, US. Now in its 8th edition, JNUC focuses on innovating and improving the management of Apple devices for more efficient business processes and user empowerment.

As the world’s most trusted Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for macOS, Endpoint Protector was, of course, also in attendance. Our team showcased the latest updates of our award-winning DLP products, conducted demos, met with prospective clients and showed visitors to JNUC that DLP for macOS is not only possible, but can be implemented at the same high standard as for any other operating system.

Our traditional LEGO giveaway caused quite a stir at the JNUC this year! With the incredible 3,599-piece LEGO® Technic Bugatti Chiron up for grabs,…

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Endpoint Protector Becomes an Exhibitor at GITEX Technology Week 2018

October 25, 2018 Author: Events 0 Comments

GITEX Technology Week, the largest technology event in MENA and South-East Asia, was held this year between 14 and 18 October at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Its 38th edition opened under the headline “Experience Future Urbanism” and showcased the world’s most progressive smart cities and the transformative technologies behind them.

More than 4500 exhibitors from over 100 countries were spread across 21 halls divided into sectors such as smart cities, internet of things, future tech and more. The Endpoint Protector team was naturally present as well, in the network and security-dedicated Sheikh Rashid Hall, for the first time attending GITEX Technology Week as an exhibitor!

Endpoint Protector’s First Exhibitor Booth

Endpoint Protector is no stranger to GITEX Technology Week: our team has been a constant presence at our partner EMT’s booth over the last three editions…

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Endpoint Protector at it-sa’s 10 Year Anniversary Edition

October 18, 2018 Author: Events 0 Comments

it-sa, Europe’s leading trade fair for IT security, took place last week between 9 and 11 October at the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, it-sa had an exceptional turnout with 696 exhibitors from 27 countries coming together to welcome a record-breaking 14,290 trade visitors from over 50 countries.

Among them, of course, was Endpoint Protector’s very own German team that greeted guests to the expo to our booth in hall 10.0 for a discussion on Data Loss Prevention (DLP), compliance and the latest updates to our award-winning products.

Presenting the Next Generation DLP

Visitors were introduced to the exciting new features our latest release brought to Endpoint Protector. With contextual scanning and n-gram based text categorization as well as significant updates to EasyLock, Endpoint Protector 5.2 marks an evolution towards next…

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A Slicker, Easier Way to Use EasyLock

October 11, 2018 Author: Encryption 0 Comments

Data has never been more vulnerable than it is today. Companies struggle to keep their data secure as relentless waves of attacks strike at the core of some of the world’s most established brands and trusted online services. Added pressure comes from the adoption of data protection regulations across the globe and the need for every data collector to comply with them.

Data on the move is particularly susceptible to data loss as it is open not only to physical theft, but also human error: portable devices are often forgotten, lost or left open to third party tampering. With today’s work force becoming ever more dynamic, organizations search for solutions that will continue to allow their employees to retain their mobility while also protecting the data they carry with them.

EasyLock Enforced Encryption was developed to address this specific vulnerability in data protection by enabling

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What’s new in Endpoint Protector 5.2

September 25, 2018 Author: Data Loss Prevention 0 Comments

Today marks the release of the latest update of our award-winning cross-platform Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, Endpoint Protector, that brings with it much-anticipated new features along with a number of improvements to existing functionalities.

The Endpoint Protector development team has been hard at work to bring a significant boost to our already advanced DLP product. Many of our newest features started as suggestions from partners and customer which we later decided to implement.

Here are the highlights of Endpoint Protector 5.2:

Contextual Scanning

Contextual Detection is now available as a general feature for both the Content Aware Protection and the eDiscovery modules. It offers an advanced way of inspecting confidential data based on both content and context.

Admins can define complex detection patterns based on proximity to other related or unrelated…

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Zero-Day Support for macOS Mojave with Endpoint Protector

September 24, 2018 Author: Macs in the enterprise 0 Comments

Today marks the launch for public use of macOS 10.14, dubbed Mojave. First announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018, the new version brings new features inspired by pro users, but designed for everyone. It introduces the Dark Mode which dims the screen outside users’ work area, helping them to better focus on the task at hand. Dark Mode also makes macOS’s color scheme customizable, allowing users to swap Apple’s traditional white with black.

A new feature, Stacks, automatically organizes files on desktops, by either document type (images, documents, spreadsheets etc.), dates or tags with project-specific metadata such as company names. Three popular iOS apps are heading to macOS:  Apple News, Stocks and Voice Memos. Apple mail will also support emojis from now on. A new app, Home, will allow users to now manage internet-of-things devices from…

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Australia’s Answer to the GDPR: The Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

August 31, 2018 Author: Compliance 0 Comments

Since its adoption the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has created a domino effect around the world, with many countries moving forward with proposals for new data protection regulations or updates to existing ones. From Brazil’s Data Protection Bill of Law to China’s Internet Security Law, it seems data protection legislation is on every country’s agenda.

Australia is no different. In fact, it was one of the countries to get a head start in aligning its 1988 Privacy Act to some of the new concepts and requirements introduced by the GDPR. The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 was adopted in November 2017 and actually came into force before the GDPR, on 22 February 2018.

As its name suggests, the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme introduced mandatory data breach notifications into Australia’s Privacy Act 1988. It puts organizations…

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How Data Classification and Data Loss Prevention Go Hand in Hand

August 22, 2018 Author: Tech Insights 0 Comments

In an age when data can no longer be left unsorted on company networks and data transparency and the protection of sensitive data have become key to reaching compliance with legislations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and HIPAA, FISMA, NIST etc. in the US, data classification and Data Loss Prevention have emerged as essential tools for effective data management strategies.

In this week’s blog post we take a closer look at data classification, what it is and how DLP solutions benefit from integration with it.

What is Data Classification?

Much like its name implies, data classification is the process of organizing data into appropriate categories for a more efficient use and protection of data across company networks.

In the context of information security, data is tagged based on its level of sensitivity, making it easier to find, track and safeguard …

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TOP 10 Endpoint Protector Features According to Our Clients

We always enjoy hearing from our customers and partners and their experience with the Endpoint Protector product family. It’s not only a matter of professional satisfaction: we build our products with our clients’ needs always before us, often adding new features from feedback sessions or developing them together with customers.

This year, we decided to dedicate an entry on our blog to the top ten features that are most often mentioned by our customers and that rank the highest on their list of things they love about Endpoint Protector. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Easy to install and manage

With one of the biggest concerns about the adoption of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions being how long a potential implementation will take and how difficult the product will be to manage once it’s in place, it is no surprise that our customers are relieved and often enthusiastic…

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