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Fastest way to create Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention Policies

That moment when your company acknowledged the need for a Data Loss Prevention solution arrived. If you are a meticulous person, you tested at least two or three DLP solutions before you made your purchasing recommendation. So, you acquired Endpoint Protector DLP. Now, what? Again, if you are a perfectionist, you read the User Manual, but let’s face it; when you have 10 more solutions to manage, the audit is at your doorstep and your boss is waiting for fast reports, reading a manual is the last thing you want to do. We’re not saying you don’t have to read it, but when it comes to making your life easier, we really try to put ourselves in your shoes.

To make Endpoint Protector administration easier, we have put together some tips & tricks and we will start with the Content Aware Protection policies.

As you already know, the Content Aware Protection module can prevent accidental or intentional…

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