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The unknown danger of USB sticks in letterboxes

September 22, 2016 Author: Device Control 0 Comments

Have you ever found a USB stick in a random location or received one in the letterbox? Just stop for a few seconds before plugging it into your computer and remember that curiosity killed the cat and your computer doesn’t have to suffer the same fate.

Recent cases of receiving random USB sticks in letterboxes in Australia draw our attention. The Australian police are warning the citizens that cyber-criminals are sending unmarked USB drives to residential letterboxes. Suspicions are that the USB devices may contain malware or ransomware that could destroy the computer and so far what has been confirmed is the fact that victims have experienced fraudulent media streaming, according to Victoria Police. There are no further details about the extent of this and if any private individual data has been disclosed. Usually the purpose of this kind of attacks is to get confidential data or financial…

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CoSoSys’ research at Infosec Europe 2016 reveals USB devices still represent a big threat

In 2016 – the year of IoT innovations, wearable technology, and cloud computing – we have discovered some interesting facts. What is considered by many an “old-fashioned”, obsolete or close to extinction tool – the USB storage device–plays an interesting role in today’s work environment. Aside from the many customers that have implemented our Device Control solution to monitor and control how portable storage devices, like USB thumb drives, are being used, we also wanted to get a pulse from the 2016 Infosecurity visitors. Therefore, one of our main objectives as an exhibitor at this year’s event, on top of showcasing our DLP and MDM solutions, was to gather more information about visitors’ policies towards the use of USB devices. We conducted a research by surveying 180 respondents working in organizations from different verticals, most of them from the UK, but…

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Not another USB propagated malware!

March 25, 2016 Author: Device Control 0 Comments

Not long ago we faced the BadUSB threat and now, security researchers have discovered another sophisticated malware which can spread through USB devices. The “USB Thief”, as it is called, seems to be a highly specialized “thief”, since it can penetrate networks undetected, leaving no traces and working only on the USB drive on which it was injected by the attacker. According to the Eset researchers, it is also empowered with mechanisms that prevent the reproduction that could be used for malware analysis or discovery.

How it works

When connecting an infected USB device, the malware executes simultaneously with portable applications and runs in the background, posing as a plug-in or a DLL file. It makes its way into the user’s computer to steal data and, in no time, it vanishes, with no evidence of the damage it made. It is also capable of protecting itself against reverse-engineering…

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