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Stop by the Endpoint Protector Booth at the RSA Conference 2018

March 8, 2018

In what has now become a yearly tradition, the Endpoint Protector team will be heading out to San Francisco next month for the RSA Conference 2018. One of the best places in the world to talk security, full of inspiring speakers and valuable content, the RSA Conference has become a must-attend event for all cybersecurity professionals.

Since 1995, the RSA Conference has adopted a theme for every event and this year’s is no different. 2017 was a worry filled year for the cybersecurity industry as high-profile hacks and mass ransomware attacks flooded the mainstream, sparking debates and anxiety about data security.

Highlighting the growing attention towards the cybersecurity sector as massive cyberthreats become commonplace news, the RSA conference’s theme focuses on the urgency of addressing this wave of incidents and opening up a cross-disciplinary dialogue to come up with practical solutions and innovative ways of responding to them. The RSA Conference urges the cybersecurity sector to take action now, because, as its 2018 theme suggests, Now Matters.

This year’s edition also brings a few new features including the Broadcast Alley that will act as the unofficial newsroom of the RSA Conference 2018. It will be a place of convergence, where top security publications will be shooting live coverage of the conference and recording exclusive interviews with cybersecurity VIPs. A mobile app will also be available to access exciting new features such as 3D maps, favorite sessions lists and enhanced searches. You can check out the conference’s full agenda here.

Endpoint Protect at the RSA Conference 2018

You can find our team in the expo area, at booth N 4337. Our experts will be on hand to conduct live demos and showcase the latest developments of our flagship cross-platform Data Loss Prevention (DLP) product, Endpoint Protector, that helps companies prevent data loss and theft while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, GLBA etc. Considered the most advanced, comprehensive and reliable solution on the market for macOS and offering feature parity between Windows and macOS, Endpoint Protector is the ideal choice for mixed environments, where the same kind of controls have to be enforced on both operating systems.

Recently added features include: time and network-based Device Control policies, Universal Offline Temporary Password, OCR scanning, automatic eDiscovery Scans and a multitude of new PIIs (IDs for Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania, Luxemburg SSN and VAT ID, Hungary SSN, Slovenia VAT ID etc) for improved support with GDPR compliance.

Besides these exciting new features, CoSoSys, the company behind Endpoint Protector, will be unveiling an exciting new product aimed at developers. SDKs were created with the intention of injecting security, DLP features and compliance policies for regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA etc. at the core of apps, services, cloud or infrastructure on a multitude of platforms, clouds and containers. It offers cybersecurity features as a service, local native SDKs for C++, Java, Python, PHP etc. and APIs that hook into applications, services and even IoT devices.

Visitors to our booth can also pick up our handy guide for GDPR compliance and read up on our extensive features on our datasheets. As always, there’s a bit of fun waiting for them as well! We’ve prepared goodies and a Lego giveaway, just stop by our booth to sign up for it.

You can schedule a meeting with one of our DLP experts here. There are also FREE unlimited complimentary expo passes on us!

Just use the registration codeRSA Conference 2018 Registration CodeWhen registering on the RSA website

We look forward to seeing you at the RSA Conference 2018!

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