Endpoint Protector

Award-Winning Data Loss Prevention

Endpoint Protector is a full DLP and MDM solution that prevents users from storing sensitive data on their workstations and from taking critical data outside the company or bringing potential harmful files on storage devices inside the network. The Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention, eDiscovery, and Device Control modules are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, while the complementary Mobile Device Management module is available for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as macOS computers.


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Our top customers include Fortune 500 companies, Universities, Governments, and more
CoSoSys Recognized for its Endpoint Protector Solutions in the February 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention
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Content Aware Protection

For Windows, macOS, and Linux

It offers detailed control over sensitive data leaving the computers and endpoints in the network. Through efficient content inspection, transfers of important company documents will be logged and reported. Based on the company policy, file transfers will be allowed or blocked.


For Windows, macOS, and Linux

Endpoint Protector eDiscovery for data at rest scans sensitive data stored on employees’ endpoints. It offers the possibility to setup scans based on specific file types, predefined or custom content, file name, Regular Expressions or HIPAA protected content. Based on the scan results, remediation actions can be taken like encrypting and deleting data for data breach protection.

Device Control

For Windows, macOS, and Linux

Having the possibility to control USB devices and peripheral ports activity for employees' computers from a simple web interface will simplify your life. Strong device use policies will ensure proactive protection for a safer work environment with removable storage devices.

Mobile Device Management

For Android, iOS, and macOS

It provides enhanced control over the use of the Android and iOS mobile device fleet as well as macOS computers. Enforce strong security policies and access detailed tracking and asset management of all smartphones or tablets. Increase productivity by monitoring and pushing applications, network settings and more.

Available as Virtual or Hardware Appliance

Endpoint Protector can be integrated as a Virtual Appliance or Hardware Appliance allowing a fast setup and deployment. Read more

Endpoint Protector Highlights

Endpoint Protector Highlights


Seamless control of portable storage devices

Control and set rights for removable devices and ports in the Endpoint Management section and establish policies for users, computers and groups.


Monitor and block data transfers

Stop data leakage through the most common applications such as emails, browsers, and other online applications through the Content Aware Protection tab.


Cross-platform eDiscovery

Create policies to inspect data residing on protected Windows, macOS and Linux computers. Discover sensitive data at rest and encrypt or delete it.


Extend data security to mobile devices

Within the same management console, set up security policies for corporate or employee-owned mobile devices.


Protection for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Endpoint Protector takes cross-platform DLP to the next level. Protect data against loss and theft on all company's endpoints.

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Endpoint Protector Datasheet

Our flagship product is an on-premise DLP solution, delivered as a Hardware or Virtual Appliance. It provides all the features needed to secure sensitive data from threats posed by portable storage device, cloud services and mobile devices.

Endpoint Protector Product Family

Suitable for any type of network, our Data Loss Prevention solutions offer a 100% deployment flexibility. Get a quick overview on the products, functionality, features and supported operating systems.
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