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JNUC 2021: Endpoint Protector at the Jamf Nation User Conference

The Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) provided the latest and greatest insights on Apple, Jamf, IT and Infosec. We, at Endpoint Protector, are proud not only about being regular attendees at the largest gathering of Apple admins but also holding a virtual session this time.

Between October 19-21, JNUC 2021 offered community presentations, deep-dive education sessions, expert product insights, and interactive labs. This year, the focus was on new and better ways to connect, manage and protect Apple devices that simplify workflows for IT and InfoSec and keep users productive. In 2021, the world’s largest rally of Apple Enthusiasts, just as last year, was a virtual event.

Being the leading DLP solution for macOS, we were really looking forward to JNUC. This year was special for us, as we did not only showcase the new features of our advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution at our virtual booth, but we’ve also held a virtual session that focused on insider threats and how to overcome them. Read the wrap up below or watch the entire session here.

It’s not you, it’s me: How to overcome insider threats and protect your data

Our panel-style session,  It’s not you, it’s me: How to overcome insider threats and protect your data, explored some of the challenges facing organizations in the context of remote work. Speakers included our CEO and Founder, Roman Foeckl, our CTO, Jonathan Orford, our CMO, Tim Deluca-Smith, and Zoran Cocoara, Director of Enterprise. During the 30-minute session, they highlighted the importance of data protection and same-day support for macOS endpoints and presented practical roll-out tips for a DLP solution.

Changing data security challenges

Our speakers highlighted that the pandemic has not only massively changed the way we work and the global work landscape, but has also accelerated the adoption of Macs in enterprises.

“There are a lot of people working from home now, and the Mac market has also grown significantly: from 5.8% in Quarter 1 in 2020 to 8% in Quarter 1 2021. So, you need to be really concerned about your Mac endpoints as well”, Jonathan said.

Remote work has become the new norm, but this doesn’t mean only working from home. Many employees adopt a hybrid working model or go to coffee shops while they need their laptops to stay performant and have good battery life. And IT administrators need to take these into account.

“As an administrator, you want a tool that allows you to secure this setup and make sure macOS is accounted for, whether the employees are in the office, in a coffee shop or at home”, he added.

The changes in the way we work require a new perspective on data security, and enterprises need to be also prepared for the next stage that comes after working from home that is working from anywhere.

Towards a holistic data loss prevention strategy

If companies want a holistic data loss prevention strategy, it’s essential to address network, endpoint, and cloud security. Besides, it’s just as important how they think about sensitive data; to know what are they trying to protect and from what.

“It’s not just files that we’re protecting, it’s the data within it. Because now we have access to messaging apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams, we send emails, and it’s not just attachments; it’s cutting and pasting confidential information. It’s such a seamless, frictionless experience to share a piece of information or data across a wide, distributed group of people”, Tim explained.

When looking to deliver an efficient DLP strategy, it’s important to take into account the educational aspect. Policies should support users, and not work against them.

“The alerts and notifications that users get when a potential policy violation happens should have a powerful educational component, so users can understand why their actions were flagged and to avoid that kind of situation in the future”, – Zoran said.

The importance of same-day support

Ensuring zero-day support when a new OS version is rolled out is even more critical for Mac users than for others. That’s because they tend to update to the latest version as soon as it is released.

We, at Endpoint protector, have always considered ourselves a Mac-first organization. Throughout our history, we’ve ensured not only same-day support for new macOS releases but the M1 chips too.

“We want to enable our customers to allow their end-users to have minimal impact or no impact at all. With our solution, we also want to ensure that we are protecting the employee, the intellectual property and PII that customers are dealing with whether a device is online or offline”, Roman concluded.

With same-day support, customers can confidently deploy the latest macOS version, with no break in data protection.


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