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Endpoint Protector Rolls Out Same-Day Support for macOS Monterey

We’re happy to announce that our top-rated Endpoint Protector is fully compatible with Apple’s latest operating system, macOS 12 Monterey, and the latest chipsets, including M1 Pro and M1 Max.  With same-day support, our customers can confidently deploy Monterey immediately, with no break in data protection.

Unveiled at the all-online Worldwide Developer Conference 2021 (WWDC 2021) in June and released today, macOS Monterey delivers new ways to connect and makes work more fluid across Apple devices. The successor of Big Sur also comes with some important privacy and security updates, such as automatic HTTPS in safari and enhanced internet privacy with iCloud Private Relay.

The M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, revealed at Apple’s “Unleashed” event, are powering the two new models of the MacBook Pro. These next-generation Apple Silicon chips introduce a system-on-a-chip (SoC) architecture to pro systems for the first time. This means that they offer fast unified memory, industry-leading performance per watt, impressive power efficiency,  along with enhanced memory bandwidth and capacity.

The Good News from Our Side: Endpoint Protector Continues to Offer Same-Day Support for New macOS Versions

Same-day support is one of the most important Endpoint Protector features: it aims to deliver a stable experience, minimize downtime, and ensure a safe environment against cybersecurity threats for Mac users. Upgrading to the latest version helps your company to avoid data breaches and system vulnerabilities due to outdated operating systems on your devices.

“With same-day support, our customers are free to upgrade to macOS Monterey without impacting workflows or putting data at risk. Companies can also be confident that their data security solution will work seamlessly without any disruption to its users or the organization. macOS users are keen to leverage the latest macOS version within days of release and it is imperative for us to support this experience both for end-users and IT security teams alike with our commitment to same-day support”, said our CEO and Founder, Roman Foeckl.

In addition to this, Endpoint Protector natively supports the latest Apple chipsets, including the recently announced M1 Pro and M1 Max. This ensures a stable environment for organizations that demand immediate data protection across their fleet of Mac devices.

Endpoint Protector is the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution of choice for multi-OS enterprises. It efficiently prevents data leaks and data loss on macOS, Windows, and Linux-based computers, reduces the risk of insider threats, and ensures compliance with data protection regulations. As a truly cross-platform DLP, Endpoint Protector offers easy-to-use features to help organizations protect their sensitive data regardless of the operating system.

Our team has been committed to supporting Mac users from the very beginning by offering full compatibility with new versions on the day they are released. By this, we make sure that our DLP solution works seamlessly without any disruption for our customers.


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