Case Study
Erich Utsch AG

The Erich Utsch AG in Siegen has been one of the world's leading companies in the field of number plates for decades. The core product is, as it has always been, the classic embossed aluminum number plate, which UTSCH has upgraded to a genuine high-security document (similar to passports or banknotes) over the last 25 years with security features developed in-house for the international market.

In addition, the global requirements for vehicle registration and identification are increasingly moving in the direction of digital and networked system solutions, in which the "classic" number plate is integrated as a secure data carrier on the vehicle. RFID and Blockchain technology are just two of the topics that will gain massive importance in this context in the upcoming years. UTSCH is already the technology leader in this field and is optimally prepared for all future developments.

The Challenge

Already back in Windows NT times the Erich Utsch AG restricted the access to removable media. Over the years, this had been realized by utilizing different products, from AV-integrated applications to custom solutions. However, one challenge could not have been solved: Removable media access, controlled on a user basis.

„The employees of the Erich Utsch AG have been using virtual Desktops for several years now. With the Instant Clone technology currently deployed, the users get a freshly assembled virtual machine with each login, when they log of, the used desktop gets deleted immediately. To ensure an efficient Device Control in this highly flexible virtual environment, the identification on a user basis is indispensable.” clarified Jörg Voosen, Head of IT Systems.

Additionally, the usage of Linux Systems within separately secured environments is steadily increasing.

The Solution

With the Endpoint Protector module “Device Control” both challenges could be solved. After the first contact with sales and delivery of a trial license as well as the virtual appliance the integration into the environment was done by the Erich Utsch AG within a short period of time. Due to the clearly arranged management website, the implementation of user-based authorization was possible without any problems. After a short test phase, the policies were set to active.

The Erich Utsch AG rated Endpoint Protector.14 on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being “poor” and 5 being “excellent”), offering the highest point to granularity, ease of installation, support, and updates. Jörg Voosen said the following about the cooperation: “The Endpoint Protector Team is consistently friendly and helpful, the cooperation is based on partnership and an equal footing”.

Why Endpoint Protector?

Erich Utsch AG has chosen Endpoint Protector for its Device Control module, helping them to monitor their employees’ activity in a flexible virtual environment.

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