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We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Endpoint Protector has been designed to meet the growing demands of large enterprises – making it even easier to manage users and your DLP policies.

We know that today’s businesses need robust data protection strategies to keep them ahead of the many persistent security threats they face. That’s why we always focus our development efforts on delivering the functionality you need to protect your sensitive data, while also keeping your end users productive.

From User Remediation to deeper integrations with Azure AD, here are some key updates in Endpoint Protector

Increase productivity with User Remediation

User Remediation* is an important new feature that can be applied to your DLP policies in Endpoint Protector If enabled, your users will be able to override the DLP policy, adding a justification for doing so.

Currently available for the Content Aware Protection module, this feature significantly improves the experience for your end-users and reduces the time your admin team spends responding to tickets and requests to bypass a policy restriction.

Synchronize users from Azure Active Directory (AD)

Endpoint Protector already offers integrations with directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. Our latest release now comes with full support for the Azure Active Directory Graph API, allowing administrators to synchronize user identities and profiles from Azure Active Directory with Endpoint Protector, streamlining user management and ensuring DLP policies are correctly applied.

Revoke Offline Temporary Passwords

Endpoint Protector offers administrators the possibility to generate an offline temporary password (OTP) that grants temporary unrestricted access to a specific device, computer, or user. In the latest version, we’ve enhanced this feature, and OTPs that have been activated can now also be revoked. Another new setting is that Universal OTPs can be set to appear only to Super Admins.

Create DPI monitored URL categories for advanced control

Our DPI functionality now allows greater flexibility and precision when applying DLP policies. Starting with Endpoint Protector, when DPI functionality is enabled, customers can define the URL categories that they want to monitor or block, such as social media or video streaming websites. This means that DPI filtering will be limited to the monitored URL categories, providing advanced options and more granular control.

Categories can be created manually or can be imported and the feature gives the possibility to block the main domain and/or the subdomains of a website.

Discover new PIIs to help with compliance

As in every new release, we’ve added more PIIs for more granular discovery and control of sensitive data. In Endpoint Protector, we’ve included Brazilian addresses and mobile phone numbers to help companies reach LGPD compliance. We’ve also added some new apps (including Webex Teams) and file types to help you ensure the security of your confidential data.

What else is available in

  • An all-new Endpoint Protector Client User Interface
  • Block data transfers to Apple Time Machine
  • File Copy event detection now available for Linux endpoints
  • Ability to apply Content Aware Protection policies only to files sizes greater than 1MB.

For a full list of features and updates, please read the release notes.

We’ve also launched our Support Area, to help our customers submit support tickets more easily. After logging in, clients have full visibility of all their support cases.


* Available on Endpoint Protector Premium Plans.



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