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Introducing Endpoint Protector Plans for 2023

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Device Control and Data Loss Prevention plans for 2023. Designed to better meet the needs of organizations looking to achieve their compliance objectives, and protect their sensitive data from insider threats and loss, Endpoint Protector is now available across four unique plans.


For organizations that need to control devices connected through USB, peripheral, and Bluetooth connections.

Device Control
Endpoint Protector remains the industry’s most advanced solution for controlling USB and peripheral ports across Windows, macOS, and Linux. Device Control is the first layer of defense for organizations looking to protect sensitive data from being lost through USB storage devices, Bluetooth connections, printers, and other removable media.

Control over 40 different device classes; including USB storage devices, external HDDs, card readers, printers, Bluetooth devices, webcams, smartphones, apply granular controls to different device types, and set policies across different user groups or device classes.

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Device Control +
Control data transfers to USB, Bluetooth, printers, and other peripheral ports, and automatically apply encryption to removable media to safeguard data in transit. Device Control + extends the capabilities of Endpoint Protector’s award-winning Device Control solution, to include the option of enforcing the use of 256-bit AES encryption when the use of USB storage devices is approved for data sharing and portability.

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Contextual scanning of data for organizations that need to prevent data loss through removable devices, applications, and cloud/network shares.

Active Data Defense
Stop data loss at the endpoint with continuous protection across Windows, macOS, and Linux. Active Data Defense allows security professionals to monitor, control, and block the transfer of sensitive data from employee endpoints.

Using content inspection and contextual scanning of data, sensitive information is protected from unauthorized sharing, and malicious exfiltration, through both hardware, and software-based exit points; including removable storage, printers, email clients, enterprise messaging apps, browser uploads, and more.

For organizations looking to meet their regulatory requirements for safeguarding PII, PHI, and PCI data, as well as company-specific IP, Active Data Defense delivers an advanced way of inspecting confidential data to build even more powerful policies.

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Active Data Defense +
Active Data Defense + includes the content inspection and contextual scanning capabilities of Active Data Defense, to ensure sensitive information is protected from unauthorized sharing, and malicious exfiltration, through both hardware and software-based exit points. It further adds encryption capabilities when the use of removable storage is still required for data portability. In these scenarios, Active Data Defense+ includes the option of automatically protecting data copied to USB storage devices with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to protect it in the event of loss or theft.

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Endpoint Protector’s new Enterprise DLP plan combines the features and functionality of both Device Control and Active Data Defense, with USB encryption capabilities, and comprehensive support and maintenance services to manage set-up, server installation, policy configuration, and ongoing performance optimization.

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