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Device Control+

Control data transfers to USB, Bluetooth, printers, and other peripheral ports, and automatically apply encryption to removable media to safeguard data-in-transit.
Device Control+ Bundle

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Extend the capabilities of Endpoint Protector’s award-winning Device Control solution

Offering granular control of USB and peripheral ports across Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, Device Control+ is the first layer of defense for organizations looking to protect sensitive data from being lost through USB storage devices, Bluetooth connections, printers, and other removable media. Extending the capabilities of Endpoint Protector’s award-winning Device Control solution, Device Control+ includes the option of enforcing the use of 256bit AES encryption when the use of USB storage devices is approved for data sharing and portability.
*encryption capabilities not available on Linux

+40 Different Device Classes

+40 Different Device Classes

Control over 40 different device classes from a single administrative interface; including USB storage devices, external HDDs, card readers, printers, Bluetooth devices, webcams, smartphones, and more.

Granular Control

Granular Controls

Apply granular controls to different device types, and set policies across different user groups or device classes.

Multi-OS 256bit AES Encryption

Multi-OS 256bit AES Encryption

Replaces the need for expensive hardware-based solutions and works across both Windows and macOS, improving employee productivity and overcoming the limitations of OS-specific encryption solutions.

Protect company IP, PII, financial data, or other regulated data types without compromising productivity

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Endpoint Protector uses advanced technologies such as N-gram-based text categorization to accurately discover IP, including source code, within hundreds of file formats, and then monitor and control any transfers to prevent data theft.

PII Protection

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Protection

Discover and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive information stored on employee endpoints with our data discovery module. Monitor data and prevent data exfiltration and data leaks with an all-in-one Data Loss Prevention tool.

Insider Threat Protection

Insider Threat Protection

Stop data leakage and data theft and by applying appropriate cybersecurity controls at the endpoint - from logging potential insider threats, to real-time blocking. Discover end-users that fail to follow data security policies and situations that can lead to a policy violation or data leakage.

Compliance and Regulations

Compliance and Regulations

Endpoint Protector’s DLP software can help organizations ensure data privacy and achieve regulatory compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, GDPR, SOX, and others, avoiding fines and other damages imposed by regulatory entities.

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Endpoint Protector Solutions

Device Control

Device Control

Features: Device ControlDevice Control

For organizations that need to control devices connected through USB, peripheral, and Bluetooth connections.

Device Control Plus

Device Control+

All features of Device Control included, plus Enforced Encryption to encrypt data that needs to be moved onto USB storage devices.

Active Data Defense

Active Data Defense

Contextual scanning of data for organizations that need to prevent data loss through removable devices, applications and cloud/network shares.

Active Data Defense Plus

Active Data Defense+

All features of Active Data Defense included, plus Enforced Encryption to encrypt data that needs to be moved onto USB storage devices.

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Award-winning DLP for keeping confidential data and businesses more secure.
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Multiple deployment options


Virtual appliance

Available in VMX, PVA, OVF, OVA, XVA and VHD formats, being compatible with the most popular virtualization tools.

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Cloud services

Available for deployment in the following cloud services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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Reduce deployment complexity & cost. Focus more resources on identifying and mitigating risks to your sensitive data and less on maintaining the infrastructure.

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