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Endpoint Protector is out. Discover what’s new

While we’re having our heads busy preparing our next big release, Endpoint Protector, that will bring significant features such as self remediation, we’ve thought about making some new important enterprise features available earlier. So here’s our latest upgrade, Endpoint Protector

For us, constant improvement is more like a way of life. Sometimes this means major introductions that impact data security at large, and sometimes it means additions for expanding the application area of existing features and functionalities. In both cases, our R&D and sales team work together to efficiently identify the security challenges that our clients face today and the threats they’ll have to deal with tomorrow. Then, they develop features our clients need to overcome these.

Let’s review the key upgrades of Endpoint Protector

Azure Active Directory (AD) Single Sign-On (SSO)

Starting with Endpoint protector, login with Azure AD SSO is available for administrators, allowing more accessible and simpler control through secure and seamless access. Highly requested and highly anticipated, this feature enables administrators to securely authenticate by using just one set of credentials.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is also available, adding an extra layer of security and making access to the Endpoint Protector server more secure. Currently, we’re also working on integration with other SSO providers.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) enhancements

The DPI functionality brings network capabilities to our DLP solution, allowing greater flexibility and precision in applying DLP policies. It can automatically eliminate undesired sensitive data transfer destinations and enable the use of legitimate channels to reduce the impact of DLP on employee productivity. Being a complex functionality, we’re enhancing it in each new release, covering more use cases.

In Endpoint Protector, admins will find a new useful setting for macOS under DPI: “Intercept VPN traffic”.This means that VPN traffic is now monitored using our DPI functionality.

Content Aware Protection upgrades

Endpoint Protector’s Content Aware Protection module helps clients to monitor and control data in transit. The latest version brings two new supported apps (Naver Works, KaKao Agit) and new PIIs, allowing greater granularity and better protection for sensitive data.

macOS zero-day support

For easier set-up on the latest macOS Big Sur release, we now offer the possibility to manually download the security certificate directly from the Endpoint Protector user interface.

We know that dark mode is here to stay, so we’ve enhanced the user experience in dark mode for our macOS clients.

In conclusion

Endpoint Protector brings new integrations, enhancements, and added granularity. If you’re curious about what other improvements we’ve made, check out the complete list of the updates on the Endpoint Protector website under Release Notes, or get in touch with us.


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