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Our latest product update, Endpoint Protector, brings enterprise-grade security features and important enhancements of existing functions that help to protect data and prevent breaches more efficiently.

We’ve had our heads down in development, working hard on some new enterprise security features and improvements for our award-winning, cross-platform Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. Endpoint Protector focuses on enterprise requirements for data protection, coming with advanced features and functionalities that ensure security, flexibility, and compliance for larger companies. With the latest version of our product, it is easier to protect and manage sensitive data in an ever-evolving landscape, especially in the context of working from home.

Our customers regularly get new and improved features. Here’s a summary of the most important changes the new release brings:

Enterprise Security

Endpoint Protector introduces the Smart Group feature, which automatically assigns Computers or Users to specific Groups based on their naming convention. With this feature, it becomes easier and quicker to deploy the solution, lowering the Time To Value by saving time for IT departments and providing extra flexibility when needing to onboard users automatically.

Improved macOS Support

Continuing our market-leading offering for multi-OS enterprises, Endpoint Protector includes improved support for Apple devices with Arm-based M1 processors, as well as for macOS Big Sur and for AWS EC2. It also comes with enhancements for Windows and Linux users, enabling businesses to solve data security challenges regardless of the operating systems they use.

Device Control Updates

The Device Control module, which monitors USB and peripheral ports, comes with better support for Bluetooth devices, including improved identification for Bluetooth headset devices and control of Bluetooth file transfers for not paired devices on Windows.

We’ve also extended the File Tracing feature in this release, enabling our customers to define the direction of the monitored traffic on Windows and macOS 11.0 running computers. This can be set to Outgoing Traffic, Incoming Traffic, or Both.

Improvements in Content Aware Protection

The Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) functionality in the Content Aware Protection module has been improved, enabling better interoperability between Endpoint Protector and Secure Web Gateways. In Endpoint Protector, it is also possible to detect Source Code in Clipboard, as well as to detect sensitive data in printed documents content and metadata.

Logs and reports have been enhanced, providing additional information. Device Vendor ID, Product ID, and Serial Number are now available.

eDiscovery Upgrades

The eDiscovery module that scans data at rest comes with improved granularity, including seven newly covered PIIs and three newly supported file types, thus helping to ensure the security of sensitive data and supporting compliance efforts.

Enhanced User Experience

User experience improvements have also been included in the latest update, such as the option to switch between standard OS notifications or pop-up notifications for the Endpoint Protector Client.

In Conclusion

In Endpoint Protector, we’ve focused on enterprise security and compliance, aiming to ensure that our customers can stay ahead of threats, providing advanced protection for sensitive information, and making it easier to be compliant with data protection regulations.

Besides the highlights mentioned above, there are many other exciting advances and details to be discovered in our latest release. If you’re curious about what other improvements we’ve made, check out the complete list of the updates on the Endpoint Protector website under Release Notes, or get in touch with us.


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