Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


Endpoint Protector – Product Update

Server Version
Windows Client:
Mac Client:
Linux Client:
EasyLock Client:

Endpoint Protector 5

Server Version:


  • The List of Computers provides additional information and the Computer Serial Number is now available.
  • The option to switch between normal notifications and pop-up notifications has been added.
  • The Content Aware Report logs provide additional information and the device Vendor ID, Product ID and Serial Number are now available.
  • Improved support for macOS with M1 processors.
  • Technology updates were made. (jQuery, X-Frame).
  • The Exported Entities feature has been extended and the report now includes additional information such as MAC Address or Computer ID.
  • Smart Group feature was added and will automatically assign Computers or Users with certain names to specific Groups.
  • File Location, Network Share Allowlists and File Location Denylist can be now set for Groups of Computers.
  • Source Code is now detected in clipboard content.
  • Fixed some specific scenarios in which Source Code was not detected in documents such as DOCX, PPTX etc.
  • Improvements were made regarding the path of files saved on File Shadow Repository.
  • Blacklist and Whitelist terms have been replaced with Denylist and Allowlist.
  • File Location Denylist limit was increased to 20 items.

Bug fixes:

  • Minor Server UI misalignment adjustment and typos correction.
  • Under certain circumstances, the Effective Rights report generated for multiple Content Aware Protection Policies would not include the full information. Fixed.
  • Fixed a SIEM issue where a Content Aware Protection log could get duplicated or trunked.
  • Grace Period behaved as when the licenses were expired. Fixed.
  • Regex expression was not displayed when including special Spanish characters. Fixed.

Device Control

  • The File Tracing has been extended and the direction of the monitored traffic can be defined: Outgoing Traffic, Incoming Traffic or Both. This only applies to macOS starting with 11.0 version and Windows.
  • For Windows, the Bluetooth File Transfers for devices that have not been paired can be completely enabled or disabled.
  • Only the first 6 digits from a credit card number will be displayed from now on in order to comply with the PCI requirements.

Bug fixes:

  • Webcam was not blocked on macOS running M1 processor. Fixed.
  • EPP Client tried to eject the disk where the system is installed on macOS running on M1 processor. Fixed.

Content Aware Protection

  • The Peer Certificate Validation has been added, allowing an extra certificate validation and blocking websites using untrusted certificates.
  • The option to choose between scanning the printed document vs. the printed pages has been added for Windows.
  • Improved the DPI functionality when used in conjunction with Chromium and searching on google.com.
  • Additional file types such as ADOC, JT, MXF and IPT have been added.
  • Additional PIIs such as Canada Driving License are now supported.

Bug fixes:

  • In some circumstances, the Text Inspection functionality could cause text file type false positives in Google Sheets or Slack. Fixed.
  • The Text Inspection functionality on Slack could not accurately detect some special characters. Fixed.
  • Fixed issues on Regexes containing certain special Spanish characters.
  • In some circumstances, the Clipboard monitoring for apps such as Sticky Notes would not work as intended. Fixed.
  • On macOS, with DPI enabled, when multiple requests occurred simultaneously, websites could load only partially. Fixed.
  • In some specific cases, confidential content was not detected. Fixed.
  • Fix for Mattermost attachments which were not scanned while Test Inspection was off.

EasyLock Enforced Encryption

Bug fixes:

  • On Windows, in some circumstances, after the endpoint wakes up from sleep mode, the TD1+ right would try to deploy EasyLock on an empty SD card. Fixed.
  • Fixed EasyLock deployment issues on BigSur, when certain Content Aware Protection Policies were scanning USB devices.
  • EasyLock could not be used while Read Only or TD1+ otherwise Read Only right was set. Fixed.
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