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Reasons to choose Endpoint Protector

Although Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions have become an increasingly common element in compliance strategies for data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, GLBA etc., they still spark fears due to the long and cumbersome implementation periods associated with them and their potential impact on employee productivity. Because they need to be deployed system-wide, there are concerns over DLP tools’ complexity as well as the way their policies can hinder rather than support employees in the performance of their duties.

But while this might be true for some DLP solutions, they are not all created equal. At Endpoint Protector, we have always taken a human-centric approach to Data Loss Prevention. We wanted to build powerful tools that are not only highly effective in protecting data from loss and theft, but are also easy to implement and use. Here are the top five reasons Endpoint Protector is the most user-friendly DLP solution on the market:

1. A True Cross-Platform Solution

Nowadays many companies’ networks are running on multiple operating systems. With the rise of Macs in the enterprise and the continual adoption of various Linux distributions in the work place, organizations often struggle to find a DLP solution that will cover them all. They are lured in with promises of multi-platform DLP solutions that prove ineffective or find themselves forced to resort to several solutions, each addressing the needs of a single OS.

Endpoint Protector has been a cross-platform solution from its very inception. It is considered the most trusted DLP solution for macOS in the world, a member of the Linux Foundation and the only product of its kind to offer and deliver feature parity between Windows, macOS and Linux. Not only that, Endpoint Protector can easily be deployed on all operating systems and managed by administrators from a single dashboard, eliminating the need for multiple accounts or control panels.

2. Easy and Fast Deployment

At Endpoint Protector, we pride ourselves in the fact we can have our product up and running in 30 minutes or less. This is due to the great flexibility of our deployment methods which meet the needs of all organizational infrastructures. Endpoint Protector can come as a Virtual Appliance compatible with popular virtualization tools, as an easy to use Hardware Appliance preinstalled with a variety of models based on clients’ needs or as a cloud solution for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

These optimized implementation methods greatly reduce the time it takes new clients to set up Endpoint Protector and thoroughly destroys all myths that DLP solutions are difficult to adopt.

3. Granular Policies and Settings

When it comes to maintaining employees’ efficiency while using DLP solutions, flexibility is key. Endpoint Protector’s granular policies allow admins to apply policies not only globally, but also based on devices and computers as well as users and groups.  In this way, the particular needs of every department can be met without having to apply the same policies company-wide. Similarly, the strictness of policies can be adjusted based on individual users’ access to sensitive data.

Endpoint Protector comes with a large database of predefined policies for the most common types of sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, but also policies meant to support companies in their efforts to comply with data protection legislations such as GDPR, HIPAA and GLBA.

4. A Modular Approach to DLP

As Endpoint Protector continued to evolve, we drew on our over ten year-experience in the DLP field working with companies of all sizes, to develop a modular format that would allow organizations to mix and match the right tools to serve their specific needs.

This increases ease of use by eliminating any unneeded tools and focusing on a company’s areas of interest. At the same time, organizations looking for a complete DLP solution, can simply choose all modules. Implementing two or all modules does not in any way affect the ease of deployment or the time it takes to set up Endpoint Protector.

5. An Intuitive User-Friendly Interface

Endpoint Protector sports a modern user-friendly interface that offers a short learning curve and allows even non-specialized personnel to easily understand and use our solution. This eliminates the need for companies to spend time and money on extensive staff training and allows for a faster transition to a more secure work environment.

In conclusion, the myths surrounding the difficulties of DLP implementation do not apply to all solutions. Endpoint Protector was created not only to protect data from loss and theft, but also took into consideration the people who would have to use it: from the very beginning, it aimed for a minimal impact on the efficiency of companies’ networks and employees’ day to day work.


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