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What’s New in Endpoint Protector

The new version of Endpoint Protector is out and is set to deliver a new series of improvements and upgraded features. This article lists the most important updates and enhancements of Endpoint Protector that are of interest to our clients.

Device Control Enhancements

Our Device Control module is known as one of the most advanced and granular solutions on the market, but we know that there is always room for improvement. The upgrades we’ve incorporated in the latest version of Endpoint Protector are intended to ensure better user experience and improved visibility.

From now on it is possible to export entire lists of entities as a CSV file. This enhancement has been added to the List of Computers, List of Users and List of Groups. Another important improvement is that the Read-Only right has been added for Network Share drives for both Windows and macOS.

Content-Aware Protection Improvements

With its Content-Aware Protection Module, our product aims to curb the threat to data security by monitoring and controlling data transfers on company networks; at the same time offers a smooth user-friendly experience that greatly reduces implementation time.

With Endpoint Protector the screen capture/print screen functionality can now be controlled also on macOS computers. Furthermore, the confidential content detection for Excel files has been improved.

System Backup v2

This feature is not intended as a replacement for the System Backup functionality but rather as a migration tool; the Administrator can migrate the database (entities, rights, settings, policies, configurations, etc.) from older Endpoint Protector images to the ones starting with version

For older versions updates were applied through the Live Update section, bringing the appliance to the latest version. Although these included patches and security updates, they did not include a full rollout of a new core OS version.

For example, the Endpoint Protector appliance is running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, which reached its end of life in 2019. This marks the end of all support and means that this version no longer receives security and maintenance updates. Clients who want to migrate to a server running on the latest Ubuntu LTS version can take advantage of the System Backup v2 functionality.

In Conclusion

Our award-winning cross-platform Data Loss Prevention solution is designed to bring an enhanced user experience that better serves our clients’ needs. Besides the highlights mentioned above, there are many other details to be discovered in Endpoint Protector, including several changes of the user interface in different sections. Check out the complete list of updates on the Release Notes page.


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