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What’s New in Endpoint Protector

A new release of Endpoint Protector is available for our clients and it presents the first version of a brand-new feature: Deep Packet Inspection. Currently available for macOS, the new functionality allows network traffic to be inspected for content.

Endpoint Protector is not just about fresh features, but also about continuing to improve the user experience, as well as making already existing functionalities more powerful and easier to use.

See below the highlights of Endpoint Protector

Deep Packet Inspection

This feature allows network traffic inspection at an endpoint level and offers thus a detailed content examination of file transfers. When Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is enabled, logs will not only mention the exit point (i.e.: web browser) but the actual destination (i.e.: File uploaded to as well.

Furthermore, the current version of the feature includes:

  • DPI Whitelist – allowing file transfers only to specific domains and URLs;
  • Domain and URL Blacklist – completely blocking access to specific websites.

Enhanced Directory Services

Internal networks can have huge differences in terms of their configuration. Drawing from experiences and addressing various customer scenarios, in Endpoint Protector the Directory Services section has been completely redesigned. The new version of this feature provides a greater flexibility, and it is easier to work with and pull information from the desired entities.

Upgraded Contextual Detection

Since its launch, the Contextual Detection feature has been extended in every product release. In the newest version it is possible to include file types and file sizes in contextual rules.

Extended File Shadow Repository

Organizations subject to various rules and regulations (e.g.: cross-border regulations) will now have Samba support for the File Shadow Repository feature. Besides, this functionality is also useful when the aim is to externalize File Shadows to a different network share in order to keep Endpoint Protector functioning at optimal parameters, without the load of unnecessary files.

Improved user experience for various sections

From Custom Classes, File Whitelist, SIEM, Alerts and External Storage to Device Types and Notifications, various sections have been redesigned and improved, providing a smoother flow.

In conclusion

From powerful brand-new features to extending existing ones and redesigning various sections, this product update has a bit of everything. Beside the highlights mentioned above, there are many other details to be discovered in Endpoint Protector Whether you’re curious about the newly supported PIIs, added applications or extended features for Linux, you can find the complete list of the updates on the Endpoint Protector website, under Release Notes.


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