Netcore is a global Marketing Technology Company that offers enterprise communication and digital marketing solutions

Netcore is a global Marketing Technology Company that offers enterprise communication and digital marketing solutions. It serves a robust base of more than 3000 enterprises across industry verticals as well as international brands. Established in 1997 by Mr. Rajesh Jain, Netcore is known as the first and leading Marketing Automation, Analytics and AI/ML solutions provider in India. Netcore’s Digital Marketing suite also includes Promotional and Transactional Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing. With its’ innovative marketing technology, the company delivers more than 7 billion emails and more than 3 billion SMSs, creates more than 11 billion customer connects and handles more than 30 billion events on a monthly basis.

The Challenge

The company serves small, medium, and large enterprises in various sectors, including BFSI, FMCG, government, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical, and retail.

The main challenge was to secure confidential data and to ensure compliance with different international and industry-specific regulations in a mixed-platform environment which includes different distributions and versions of Linux and Windows-based servers, computers and laptops.

Why Endpoint Protector?

Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd. chose Endpoint Protector because it provided them an additional layer for data security, including full control of peripheral ports and devices as well as the option to monitor email content and file uploads to web browsers.

The Solution

Netcore is using our Device Control and Content Aware Protection modules. The Device Control feature allows full control of peripheral ports and connected storage devices; data is protected from leaving the company’s network by managing the rights of each device and restricting unauthorised media connections.

The visibility of sensitive data is increased by the Content Aware Protection module, transfers of important documents can be logged and reported as well as blocked. For Netcore this module was important to be applied to removable devices as well as for applications.

Endpoint Protector’s File Shadowing and Print Screen features have turned out to be particularly useful for the company’s needs. With the Content Aware Protector module, it is possible to disable the screen capture option.

Netcore reviewed the collaboration with our support team as great. “We have a nice experience working with CoSoSys and the support team has solved our issues many times.”

We opted for Endpoint Protector because it provides cross-platform security and this aspect was essential for our company. Furthermore, we have found the solution to be easy to deploy and to use.
The case study is also available for download