Case Study
Diakonie Herzogsägmühle

Diakonie Herzogsägmühle implemented Endpoint Protector to manage insider threats and to monitor employee activity in regards to sensitive data transfers, but to also be compliant with regulations such as the GDPR.

Industry: Others
Additional security, easy to use, manage indifer threats
Implementing Endpoint Protector Device Control module
Cost-effective, additional security, intuitive interface

Diakonie Herzogsägmühle gGmbH needed a solution to manage insider threats and closely monitor employee activity related to data transfers, to get an additional layer for data security.

The company needed a product to meet the compliance requirements of data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

They lack IT experienced employees; their entire personnel are in the care and education sector and have no understanding of IT and data security. Therefore, they sought an easy-to-use security solution to protect sensitive information efficiently.


Diakonie Herzogsägmühle gGmbH is using our Device Control module. The product helped them a lot with the requirements they needed.

With the Device Control module, the company was able to block or access the use of devices in a straightforward and simple way.

The role assignment administration feature helped them use different admin roles: besides a super admin, they have Offline Temporary Passwords (OTP) admins who run the OTPs. The OTP feature gives administrators the possibility to generate a password that, when used, grants temporary unrestricted access to a specific device, computer, or user.

A must-have feature was the client enrollment based on the Active Directory (AD) groups. Their AD groups can be compared with managing separate companies, and they have quite a few of these groups. The enrollment was easy with Endpoint Protector, this being important to save time.

“The cooperation was very pleasant since the first talks. We got clear explanations of the product, comprehensible pricing, and quotations. Our questions were always answered promptly. All contact persons are very professional,” said Mr. Michael Ebert.

Diakonie Herzogsägmühle gGmbH rated Endpoint Protector’s features, granularity, ease of installation, ease of use, support and updates, and staff availability when calling or asking for assistance as excellent.

Diakonie Herzogsägmühle gGmbH chose Endpoint Protector because the solution is user-friendly, easy to deploy, and cost-effective. It offers competitive pricing and excellent pre-sales support.
The essential features of the solution for our organization were the option to monitor our employee activity related to data transfers closely. It gives a simple control of devices, offering good usability for the admins and users.”
Mr. Michael Ebert
IT Administrator
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