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What’s New in Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector is out and this time we’ve focused on implementing some of the most requested customer enhancements to improve overall performance and the user experience. This article lists the most important updates and upgrades of the new release that are of interest to our clients.

Along with the winter holidays comes the joy of giving and we’ve prepared a brand new, updated version of our award-winning Data Loss Prevention solution. Endpoint Protector includes new features and improvements intended to make our clients’ experience better. Let’s dive into the details!

    • Outside Hours and Outside Network Policies are now available for the Content Aware Protection module. The Outside Network Policies provide the option to apply a different device access policy when outside the defined network. The Outside Hours Policies provide the option to apply a different device access policy when outside the normal working hours.
    • Effective Rights Improvements have been made for better visibility and more granularity as well as a complete change of both PDF and XLS layouts. This section displays the Device Control or Content Aware Protection policies applied at a time. Depending on the options selected from the drop-down menus, information can be displayed based on rights, users, computers, device types, specific devices, report type (PDF or XLS), include Outside Hours and Outside Network Policies and more.
    • Contextual Detection has been extended and rules can now be created starting with Dictionaries. This feature offers an advanced way of inspecting confidential data based on both content and context. Besides Dictionaries, Administrators can define complex detection patterns based on proximity to other related or unrelated functions, regular expressions and more.
    • Installing the Linux Client from a repository is also a newly available option with Endpoint Protector This alternative is possible with the following Linux distributions and versions: Ubuntu 14.04+, Mint 18.X, CentOS 7.x, Fedora 29, OpenSUSE 42.2 and 42.3
    • The Mobile Device Management module has been refreshed. Some of its sections have been redesigned, including the List of Mobile Devices (Edit, Manage, etc.). The module includes new functionalities as well: Groups of mobile devices can be created, thus simplifying the management process; Device Groups can be added inside a Group Device Policy. Last but not least, with Endpoint Protector introduces separate App Management sections for IOS and Android apps.

In Conclusion

We continue to improve our cross-platform, advanced Data Loss Prevention solution with identified customer needs in order to provide an improved user experience. Besides the highlights mentioned above, there are many other details to be discovered in Endpoint Protector To learn more, check out the complete list of the updates on the Endpoint Protector website, under Release Notes.


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