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v5.8 of Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys is now available and adds a host of new features to help organizations better protect their sensitive data from insider threats, accidental loss, and compliance breaches.

Critical updates in the latest release include:

Proxy settings during installation

Streamline the installation process with the latest Endpoint Protector Client Wizard installer update. Proxy settings can now be passed to the Endpoint Protector agent during Windows, Linux, and macOS installation, allowing seamless registration with the EPP server and the ability to route EPP client-server traffic through your internal web proxies. Additionally, CLI arguments enable administrators to specify proxy settings, making it convenient for bulk deployment via third-party software distribution tools such as SCCM.

Remote Diagnostics & Obfuscation for Device Control

Our Debug Logging functionality has been enhanced with new remote capabilities, making troubleshooting and diagnosing issues more convenient than ever for security admins. With these new features, administrators can easily retrieve logs, terminate the Endpoint Protector Client, force restart end-user computers, collect specific log types, and obfuscate sensitive data to ensure data privacy. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with global offices impacted by time zone differences or end-user availability. Admins no longer need an active remote session with the end user to obtain diagnostic files, and end-users can replicate the issue at their discretion, providing timestamps, screenshots, and replication steps, to reduce the support workload.

New DPI Bypass functionality for Content-Aware Protection

In v5.8, non-inspectable traffic can bypass inspection while still being logged as an event, providing administrators with valuable insights into network activity. This feature is particularly useful for customers who seek visibility into web traffic but want to avoid service disruptions caused by unknown SSO websites, mTLS connections, applications using Certificate Pinning, etc. Together, this reduces business interruptions due to website time-outs and reduces support tickets and customer frustration. With our DPI bypass functionality, you can achieve more consistent traffic monitoring without compromising service availability or user experience.

What else is available in v5.8.0.0?

Block printing from Google Chrome web browser

We have implemented new capabilities for the “block print from browsers” feature so that you can scan content from documents sent to printers via the Google Chrome web browser.

Enhanced Extend Source Code Detection capabilities (​​Endpoint Protector Client Settings)

“Extend Source Code Detection,” when enabled, will extend detection inside file types such as PDF, Docx, etc. Now with the 5.8 release, we’ve enhanced this feature so that when the ‘Monitor Webmail’ setting is enabled, you can also detect source code in emails using web browsers.

Blocking Slack data

Use Text Inspection within your Content Aware Protection policies to block sensitive data shared through Slack.

For a complete list of Endpoint Protector 5.8 features and updates, please read the release notes.


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