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Keeping Your Data Secure During the Holiday Season

December 7, 2017 Data Loss Prevention
by: December 7, 2017

With the holiday season around the corner, many employees are taking extended holidays, some choosing to work remotely to enjoy longer stays with their families. This adds an extra layer of peril to data security as work laptops…

How to Unlock the Full Potential of your DLP Solution

November 23, 2017 Data Loss Prevention
by: November 23, 2017

Nowadays, it seems not a day goes by without another high-profile data breach being announced. From Equifax and Uber to Forever 21, no company, no matter how big, seems safe from sensitive information leaks. The consequences…

Why the future of security is data-centric

October 3, 2017 Data Loss Prevention
by: October 3, 2017

Nowadays, you will be hard-pressed to find a company that does not understand the importance of digital security. With departments ranging from distribution and logistics to marketing, engineering and design all relying…

Top 5 Ways DLP can help with GDPR compliance

September 1, 2017 Compliance Data Loss Prevention
by: September 1, 2017

The enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is less than ten months away and companies across the EU and international businesses with European customers are already taking steps to achieve compliance.…

Fighting Shadow IT with DLP

August 24, 2017 Data Loss Prevention
by: August 24, 2017

In its 2016 top 10 security predictions, Gartner warned that by 2020 shadow IT is likely to account for a third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises. A relatively new concept that has arisen in recent years as a …

Why Having Linux Will Not Save You from Data Loss

August 17, 2017 Data Loss Prevention
by: August 17, 2017

Linux has long been considered a safe operating system that, with its opensource, community built kernel, is less likely to be a mark for cybercriminals because attacking it can be a far more daunting task than going after …

The Road to Data Loss is Paved with Malicious Intentions

July 20, 2017 Data Loss Prevention
by: July 20, 2017

Employees are often cited as one of the top reasons data loss occurs. Whether negligent or malicious, insiders, with high levels of physical and digital access to sensitive information, have the power to inflict the most …

Top 5 User Mistakes That Lead to Data Loss in the Cloud

July 13, 2017 Data Loss Prevention
by: July 13, 2017

Cloud services have become a crucial and integrated part of modern IT systems and their security has been continually debated since their emergence. Big cloud service providers such as Amazon and Salesforce have argued …

How to Protect Your Data at Rest?

July 5, 2017 Data Loss Prevention
by: July 5, 2017

Data security has become a requirement every company needs to consider to avoid being harmed by cybercriminals or risk the public release of its sensitive information through leaks or thefts.

With recent surges in hacker…

Discover Endpoint Protector 5 – new UI, eDiscovery updates and many other enhancements

May 25, 2017 Data Loss Prevention
by: May 25, 2017

We are excited to unveil the newest version of our Data Loss Prevention solution: Endpoint Protector 5, presenting important updates and a brand new redesigned interface. Our aim, as always, is to constantly enhance the …