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Product Insights: Data Protection for Law Firms and Legal Services

In our latest Product Insights session, you could watch Endpoint Protector in action and learn how law firms like yours use the technology to protect sensitive data on employee endpoints. If you’ve missed it, you can catch up by watching the recording.

While our Security Briefings focus on thought leadership in the format of an open discussion, the purpose of Product Insights is to give you a deep dive into Endpoint Protector and its capabilities.

How DLP helps law and legal services firms

In this session, Ernest Byrd, Solutions Engineer at Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys, presented some of the common data security challenges that law firms face and demonstrated how Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools could solve some of those challenges. Starting with an intro from our CMO, Tim Deluca-Smith, this session also highlighted how data protection has changed in the last two years, as well as some of the important cybersecurity requirements for law and legal services firms.

“We’ve seen a growing number of law firms and legal services firms becoming customers, particularly since the pandemic and the shift to hybrid working – with organizations like yours scrabbling to understand that new security paradigm where users and employees are not necessarily protected anymore by corporate networks,” Tim said.

Cybersecurity is now an issue that impacts all law and legal services firms; both firms and their clients want that reassurance that their most sensitive data is protected. That’s why leading companies in this sector use Endpoint Protector to safeguard client-sensitive information and maintain confidentiality by controlling the storage, transfer, and printing of sensitive data on employees’ endpoints – even when they’re working offline.

Security stats in the legal industry

Data protection is especially relevant since 29% of law firms have experienced a breach in 2020, according to a report conducted by the  American Bar Association (ABA). As surprising as it may be, 75% of all security incidents in the legal sector that have been reported to regulators were caused by employees (both negligent and malicious) according to new Freedom of Information (FOI) data.

“The pandemic brought a lot of shift into this industry. We saw an increase in the utilization of Microsoft Teams and portable storage devices as well as further adoption of encrypting those storage devices,” Ernest highlighted.

Law firms store and have access to massive amounts of sensitive data, such as customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial information, etc. The expansion of data and privacy regulations brings another layer of compliance exposure for law firms.

“Naturally, the more jurisdictions a law firm is operating in, the greater the challenge of being compliant becomes,” Ernest added.

Even smaller law firms face big regulatory requirements; thus, having the right DLP solution in place is essential. A useful resource for legal firms that breaks down a good focus strategy on DLP is the ABA Cybersecurity Handbook. Endpoint Protector can help with several key points that the Cybersecurity Handbook mentions relating to DLP solutions, such as:

  • Having an inventory of hardware and applications;
  • Understanding data security risks in a given environment ;
  • Protecting sensitive data and avoiding portable media;
  • Identifying audit data and related obligations;
  • Ensuring proper access and supporting the data lifecycle requirement.

Watch the Product Insights and learn more about

  • Maintaining client confidentiality by protecting data as it moves across email and collaboration apps;
  • Controlling the use of removable storage devices;
  • How to safeguard offline devices and mitigate the risk of insider threats across remote employees;
  • Are employee endpoints leaking data? How to meet your data privacy commitments.



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