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A new chapter for DLP: CoSoSys announces Endpoint Protector Enterprise

Our powerful, flexible and highly scalable Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution package is on the way, addressing the risks of data loss and compliance of enterprise clients.

We at CoSoSys are aware that in the age of digital transformation and workstream collaboration platforms, addressing the threats of data loss and non-compliance is an absolute must for enterprises. The consequences of data breaches include not only hefty fines but legal problems and reputational damages also. To prevent them, enterprises have a number of security products at their disposal, including DLP solutions that tackle a number of issues that fall outside the scope of traditional data protection tools. Currently, our team of specialists is working on wrapping up a new, advanced DLP package that focuses on the needs of enterprise customers and comes as a response to the requirements and challenges of data protection.

Endpoint Protector Enterprise is an ideal blend of security and flexibility and will help to prevent data loss and data theft in both physical and virtual environments. With our new package enterprises will be able to easily and efficiently identify, monitor, and control sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) information or Intellectual Property (IP). Furthermore, consistently monitoring and governing sensitive data transfers between internal, outsourced workforces, third-party collaborators, and system administrators will be also possible. Endpoint Protector Enterprise is developed to protect sensitive categories of data directly, reducing the risk of insider threats, and helping to meet the compliance requirements of data protection regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, or HIPAA.

“For enterprises, today data protection is a non-negotiable priority. We’ve developed our new package, Endpoint Protector Enterprise in such a way to meet the needs of enterprise clients, keeping in mind both their need for data security while ensuring flexibility” said Roman Foeckl, CEO and founder of CoSoSys. “Our brand new offering is designed to fuel workforce collaboration and remote work while assuring easy deployment and scalability.”

Why Endpoint Protector Enterprise?

Endpoint Protector Enterprise aims to address the increasingly complex challenges that enterprises face in the development of their data protection strategies. Our new package is designed to provide several benefits, including the following:

  • Enhanced scalability and flexibility: With Endpoint Protector Enterprise, companies will be able to protect ten thousand or more endpoints without impacting productivity. Through the product’s granular and flexible policies, the particular needs of every department can be met without having to apply the same policies company-wide.


  • Cross-platform: Our new package will allow enterprises to enforce security policies in physical and virtual environments equally. Developed as a multi-OS solution, Endpoint Protector will offer protection Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, Thin Clients, and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platforms. It will also provide zero-day support for macOS Big Sur and Windows.


  • Seamless integration: Endpoint Protector Enterprise will ensure easy integration into the ecosystem of the enterprise, and will facilitate distributed deployments. The package will provide Active Directory (AD) integration, simplifying larger deployments, as well as integration with SIEM technology, thus allowing to transfer activity events to a SIEM server for analysis and reporting.


As companies grow, so does the amount of data they collect, and the challenges posed when it comes to data protection. We’ve been working hard on developing new features that will help our existing and new enterprise customers to protect sensitive data in an efficient way, without compromising mobility or productivity. Besides Endpoint Protector Enterprise, we will also launch the Premium package, with comprehensive data protection features. Our new packages will be available starting from September 2020.


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Data Loss Prevention Best Practices

Helping IT Managers, IT Administrators and data security staff understand the concept and purpose of DLP and how to easily implement it.

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Data Loss Prevention Best Practices
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Data Loss Prevention Best Practices

Helping IT Managers, IT Administrators and data security staff understand the concept and purpose of DLP and how to easily implement it.

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