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Netwrix acquisition of CoSoSys: FAQ

What will happen to CoSoSys as a company?

The CoSoSys products you know and are evaluating will continue. There are no plans to “end of life” any of the CoSoSys products. All outstanding quotes will be honored. CoSoSys CEO, Kevin Gallagher, will continue to manage and help integrate CoSoSys into Netwrix, and will work with the Netwrix executive management team to help lead the CoSoSys business into this exciting new phase of operation.

Who is Netwrix?

Netwrix is a global cybersecurity vendor that makes data security easy. Netwrix solutions simplify the lives of security professionals by enabling them to identify and protect sensitive data to reduce the risk of a breach, and to detect, respond to and recover from attacks, limiting their impact. Founded in 2006, Netwrix enables more than 13,500 organizations worldwide to strengthen their security and compliance posture across all three primary attack vectors: data, identity and infrastructure. With Netwrix, companies can discover and classify structured and unstructured data, prioritize the security of sensitive information, and apply data access controls consistently across on-premises servers and cloud repositories.

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How will this affect the CoSoSys product portfolio?

CoSoSys will continue to offer its powerful products and provide timely support and product updates to its customers. Additionally, the broader Netwrix product portfolio will afford CoSoSys prospects and customers opportunities to strengthen their data security and mitigate the risk of data breaches. For example, Netwrix provides data discovery and classification capabilities beyond endpoints for both unstructured and structured data residing in on-premises servers and cloud repositories.

What will happen to the CoSoSys name and product brands?

In the near term, both companies will continue to operate as separate, standalone brands with the exception that CoSoSys will be known as “CoSoSys, now part of Netwrix.” The CoSoSys product brand will remain Endpoint Protector. Beyond that, the combined leadership teams will determine the long-term business brand, vision and strategy. This information will be communicated in a transparent and timely manner.

How will this affect previous or ongoing sales and support contracts?

CoSoSys will continue to operate as before. Most importantly, we will honor all previous commitments, including current support contracts, ongoing projects and outstanding sales quotes.

Who should I call for a sales inquiry?

Please submit your sales inquiries through the same channels you used before. We will notify you if the contact details change.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

If you have other questions, please send them to


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