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Easy Lock USB

Data has never been more vulnerable than it is today. Companies struggle to keep their data secure as relentless waves of attacks strike at the core of some of the world’s most established brands and trusted online services. Added pressure comes from the adoption of data protection regulations across the globe and the need for every data collector to comply with them.

Data on the move is particularly susceptible to data loss as it is open not only to physical theft, but also human error: portable devices are often forgotten, lost or left open to third party tampering. With today’s work force becoming ever more dynamic, organizations search for solutions that will continue to allow their employees to retain their mobility while also protecting the data they carry with them.

EasyLock Enforced Encryption was developed to address this specific vulnerability in data protection by enabling companies to automatically encrypt any data copied from a company network onto a USB device.

EasyLock’s key functionalities

The protection of data on the move has been one of the cornerstones of CoSoSys’s line of data protection products since the company’s foundation in 2004. Its very first application, Lock it Easy, in fact, secured data on USB Flash Drives. Since then, USB data protection and encryption have remained a firm presence among our offerings, both as a module within our flagship Data Loss Prevention solution, Endpoint Protector and as a standalone product.

EasyLock Enforced Encryption is the latest of these solutions and can be automatically deployed when used as part of Endpoint Protector or, if used by itself, manually installed on USB devices. After the application is installed in the root folder, any data copied onto the device will be automatically encrypted with government-approved 256bit AES CBC-mode encryption. The data can then be accessed only via a secured password on all or only authorized computers.
EasyLock Enforced Encryption is cross-platform, meaning that encrypted data can be seamlessly accessed from both macOS and Windows computers.

Additional features allow IT administrators to wipe data remotely when a device is lost or stolen, send messages to USB device users or request a password change. Settings also allow for data on a USB flash drive to be readable only when it is connected to computers within the company network.

EasyLock also comes with file tracing which keeps logs of all data encrypted using the application and where it is being copied, even outside the company network. Logs are created within the EasyLock client and are then transmitted to admins when USBs are connected to a company computer.

A New Look and More

Endpoint Protector’s 5.2 update brought with it significant improvements to EasyLock Enforced Encryption as well. Its interface has been redesigned for increased ease of use and an improved overall user experience. Its security has also gotten a boost.
A new feature allows EasyLock Enforced Encryption to now support multiple trusted Endpoint Protector Servers.

Companies using EasyLock can safely allow its employees to travel or work remotely without worrying what it could mean to the security of their sensitive data. By implementing EasyLock companywide, they do not only ensure that confidential information is not accessible to third parties should USB devices be stolen or lost, but also follow recommendations and, in some cases, obligations under the latest data protection regulations.


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